Profile in courage, War Eagle!

Jay Jacobs says Pat Dye’s suggestion that Auburn should move to the SEC East “makes sense”.

Such a move would create a serious logistical problem (Alabama would have to give up one of its traditional rivalry games, and you know which one Jacobs would prefer to see ‘Bama vacate), but when I consider the amount of shit that would rain down on the program for making a gutless move like that, it’s almost worth letting Auburn do it.


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6 responses to “Profile in courage, War Eagle!

  1. Bigshot

    Easy for him to say. AU does not have an out of conference rival like UGA, SC, and UF.


  2. Spike

    Make Bama the cross division permanent rival? But that would defeat their purpose, no?


  3. Bob

    Bama would not tolerate that. They want to keep Tennessee as their cross Division rival. And what Bama wants, Bama gets.

    Honestly, Dye is right on this one. Auburn should be in the east. Mizzou in the east is dumber than dirt. Auburn historically had long standing rivalries with Florida and Tennessee and gave them up by being in the west.

    There is a solution….sort of. Stop being wimpy and play a 9 game conference schedule. While I am not thrilled with two permanent cross over rivals since the Dawgs have still not seen A&M after all these years, that part would be no worse than we face today. The WLOCP affects us with home games, but it really is no different than before. Every other year we have 3 home games and with 9 we will simply have 4 each year.

    Don’t like to give the Plainsmen Tigers the benefit of the doubt very often, but Dye is absolutely spot on. Having Mizzou in the east is simply stupid.


  4. ApalachDawg

    I say if Auburn comes to the East, we get payback. They have to play us back to back years in Athens…
    I get the feeling that two new teams are coming to the SEC – ie realignment again when the Big 12 league sponsored by the Texas Longhorn Network implodes. I think we get the Oklahoma schools and they enter the West. Texas goes Pac12. Alabama and Miss State slide over to the East.
    I can’t imagine this was just a random comment on a radio show. Just like his original comment before we played Bama was not just a random comment.


  5. Or, just go to pods. There’s no reason every team has to have a permanent cross-division game.

    It actually makes more sense for Bama and Auburn to go to the East and Vandy and Mizzou go to the west, but I’m against it.

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  6. Bulldog Joe

    War Chicken!

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