Could be happier

I did not know this is a thing.

The SEC Country approval rating poll is designed to give an indication of fan happiness over a period of time.

Our formula is based on the percentage of respondents who select each answer. We multiply that percentage by the following factors: 1 (strongly approve), 0.67 (approve), 0.33 (disapprove) and 0.0 (strongly disapprove). In other words, if 50 percent of respondents select “strongly approve” and 50 percent select “approve,” the formula would be (50 x 1) + (50 x 0.67) = 83.5% approval rating.

They’re into their fourth month with this.  With a 77.7 fan approval rating, Kirby Smart sits firmly in ninth place.  Maybe that’s whom McGarity was referring to with his plea for unity.

What I’d really like to know about, though, is what the ‘Bama fans holding Nick Saban back from a perfect score are disappointed.

Too bad there isn’t an AD poll.



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13 responses to “Could be happier

  1. 81Dog

    Maybe some Alabama fans are still mad about the NC game.

    If UGA fans are at a C+ level of happiness now, when the Kool Aid is delicious, one has to wonder where we will be if things don’t go so great this year. And by not so great, I mean “don’t win the East,” much less “don’t beat UT/Florida/AU,” much less “don’t beat Vandy and Tech.” And that doesn’t even address ND or S Carolina.

    The potential for improved happiness if all goes well? Excellent. I’m hoping that is what happens, but I have to say the potential for Zookishness if it goes badly is unsettling.


  2. Jt (the other one)

    Winning cures a lot of fan base ailments….


    • Macallanlover

      At least temporarily. Stated another way, winning is like a drug that makes you feel good, but is addictive and must continually be renewed. How long did it take for Auburn and Miami fans to turn on Cheetzik and Coker when things turned south?

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  3. Macallanlover

    Freeze and Boom are the two biggest surprises on the high side, Big Bert is riding a little low from I would have expected, as is the Gus Bus. Stoops has the Wildcats thinking the “weak East” is attainable, that seems unlikely but enthusiasm is a strong narcotic. Of course, the KY fans have a low bar for football happiness.


  4. Hank

    I would like to see a similar, internal poll of Kirby.


  5. Cousin Eddie

    “What I’d really like to know about, though, is what the ‘Bama fans holding Nick Saban back from a perfect score are disappointed.”

    one point because he hired Lane.
    six tenths of a point because he fired Lane.
    one point because he could be taller.
    Would be my guess.


    • 81Dog


      that has to be a minus, right? Clearly, if Saban was running the D, HE would have seen it coming.


  6. Dog in Fla

    Greg Sankey never gets tired of this song, rates it a 0.67 (approve), it’s got a good beat and it’s easy to dance to


  7. Drew

    Kirby dropped 3 points from last season.

    Not a lot.

    I think he performed 1 loss below expectations in the 8-5 season, and exceeded expectations as a recruiter.

    So it washed out.