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Could be happier

I did not know this is a thing.

The SEC Country approval rating poll is designed to give an indication of fan happiness over a period of time.

Our formula is based on the percentage of respondents who select each answer. We multiply that percentage by the following factors: 1 (strongly approve), 0.67 (approve), 0.33 (disapprove) and 0.0 (strongly disapprove). In other words, if 50 percent of respondents select “strongly approve” and 50 percent select “approve,” the formula would be (50 x 1) + (50 x 0.67) = 83.5% approval rating.

They’re into their fourth month with this.  With a 77.7 fan approval rating, Kirby Smart sits firmly in ninth place.  Maybe that’s whom McGarity was referring to with his plea for unity.

What I’d really like to know about, though, is what the ‘Bama fans holding Nick Saban back from a perfect score are disappointed.

Too bad there isn’t an AD poll.


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From the land of “It just means more”…

… comes this sad statistic.

Yes, SEC flagship Alabama came within a second of locking down another national championship. But that 35-31 loss to Clemson only seemed to rubber-stamp what qualified as a down year.

Each one of the other 13 SEC programs lost at least four games for the first time in league history.

Could history repeat?  You look at the conference schedules and tell me.


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Donors wanted.

I’m Greg McGarity, and you have my word.

Georgia’s legendary tennis coach Manuel Diaz confidently proclaimed that shortcoming will be addressed before the NCAA’s next bid process resumes around 2019 or so.

“Honestly, when this tournament comes back, I expect we will have 10 indoor courts, a new six-court complex and we’ll keep the four we have,” said the Bulldogs’ coach of 29 years. “It will be, once again, probably the best facility of its kind in the nation.”

Diaz, when asked if he’d been given assurances by UGA’s administration that it will provide the resources to build such a facility, he grinned and laughed. “Yes, that’s been part of the conversation. Assurances? That’d be nice.”

This kinda sounds like the Georgia Way version of “you know how to take the reservation, you just don’t know how to hold the reservation”.  Maybe Manny’s planning on going all Jeremy Pruitt on B-M’s ass.  Hey, if it worked once…


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