That low bar is higher than you think.

In a post about which SEC teams have the best running back groups, Ed Aschoff writes this:

Don’t sleep on: Despite ranking dead last in the SEC in rushing last year (128.2 YPG), Florida actually has a pretty solid group of rushers.

By that measure, maybe I should say Georgia has a pretty solid group of offensive linemen.


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3 responses to “That low bar is higher than you think.

  1. David K

    Well, having solid players that were underutilized is a little different from having guys that were given ample chances to show that they could block but too often struggled. Perhaps the comparison works better with our receiving corps. And I say that tepidly hoping that there’s some talent there that didn’t get a real chance to show what they can do last year.


  2. Matt B.

    FU grad. Enough said.


  3. Macallanlover

    I don’t know who will have the best stats if you go by yardage because that depends on many other factors, but UGA’s quality and depth of RBs is unmatched…and it isn’t close. Who would not pick our Top 2 if given first pick? And Top 5 is an even bigger slam dunk. But that is one position we would win at, and perhaps the only position. We have a very solid defense overall, but I doubt we could say any one position group on defense is clearly the best in the SEC. Maybe 3rd best over all? Perhaps 2nd? That is pretty danged good, enough to get us to the SECCG against this schedule, maybe even take home the title.

    Will say it again, football is the most intertwined of all team sports, being the best at individual spots isn’t a good way to judge your team. RBs is a great position to be the best at, but you need the right mix of other ingredients to get the job done.