“… the looming prospect of a PAC wearing a big yellow hat…”

Alabama vs. Auburn, don’t ever change.

The linked piece is a fun read, even if I shook my head after this part:

Alabama is considered the stodgier, more football-centric school. Auburn, which is a national powerhouse on the football field as well, fancies itself a little more bookish and likes to tout its engineering program.

Okay, that was a fun read, too.  As in side-splitting…


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15 responses to ““… the looming prospect of a PAC wearing a big yellow hat…”

  1. Hmm … kind of Daily Show type read from Politico. How can a serious article about state politics in Alabama and The Tide not mention The Machine?


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Auburn? Bookish?

    Then again, the author of the piece also described Jimmy Rane as a “poor man’s Jimmy Stewart,” so…


  3. when is someone going to link to Squid Billy?


  4. Spike

    Auburn.. Bookish? That’s a joke, right?

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  5. Cojones

    The entire political scene over there reads like a strange marsh – with rane weather.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    “How ’bout we just settle this on the field?”


  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    That was a fun read. I was surprised that YellaWood annual revenues are only $700 million. Profits? Yeah, I might guess that, but total revenues? Seems low to me. The Home Depots in Atlanta alone probably buy two or three million dollars worth by themselves. Start multiplying from there by all the HD stores, plus Lowe’s, plus 84 Lumber, etc.


    • Sherlock

      Lumber is a very regional thing. Where I live, the vast majority of lumber at HD and Lowes comes from a local lumber mill. Lumber is one of those products where the shipping costs is one of the largest factors vs. production costs.


  8. 3rdandGrantham

    Some of those Osmose (previous name) commercials from the late 90’s were admittedly pretty good. I recall the SOS one in particular being funny — no surprise. The Donnan one, however, which featured him and Jimmy playing billiards with all yellow balls was fairly ho-hum in nature.


  9. Auburn is the most unbookish entity ever……unless it is a book called “How to Get Away with Compliance Murder”.


  10. 69Dawg

    The bookish remarks remind me of the Ole Ball Coaches greatest Auburn joke ever. After hearing about the fire in the Auburn library Steve was quoted as saying ‘It was tragic, he’d heard that a lot of books had been destroyed and some of them hadn’t even been colored in yet.”


  11. As an Alabama resident, I do not view either school as bookish. Football factories—-YES. The Onion should have run this.