Wednesday morning buffet

I haven’t served up one of these in a while.  Hope I still know what I’m doing.



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15 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. If Kirby convinces Ramsey to stay, that certainly would be a signal that Kirby and Chaney want a year of separation between Eason and Fromm unless something happens to Eason. Our resident QBR trolls will be howling if that happens.


  2. dawgman3000

    Whether Ramsey stays or goes, I wish him nothing but success.

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  3. Macallanlover

    Like the 14 week concept, but not as much as I would heart a ninth conference game.

    Agree that I want Ramsey to make whichever decision suits him most, but I do not want to shelve Fromm because of it. If we don’t see better QB play early this season than we have the last two years, I want to try another option, and it isn’t throwing Ramsey into the fray. Play the best QB, I don’t care which jersey number that is. I still feel this is a critical year for UGA to show improvement or we risk taking a TN level step backward. Have the competitions at all positions and play the very best option, I don’t care about what class designation they have.


  4. Mr. Tu

    The story about the Title IX coordinators at Florida is infuriating. Can you imagine if any one of the accused in their Title IX kangaroo court had the kind of porn that the tubby administrator had purchased on EBAY? That lady administrator would have been using that information to teer the accused down. Instead, it is conveniently ignored as she gives Tubby her “very highest endorsement!!”


  5. AusDawg85

    Would love to see us do more rugby style wrap-up tackling and if I never see a DB try and fail with a shoulder bump tackle it will be too soon.


    • 69Dawg

      I’ve been watching the British Premier Rugby League this year on NBCSN. These are the professionals and the tackling is great. American Football needs to adopt the tackling and the old yellow card, red card idea. You stop bad behavior by reinforcing good. Rugby punishes any high tackles (clotheslines) by a penalty, yellow card or if flagrant a red card. This BS about Unsportsmanlike or targeting (launching with the helmet) being the only way to get kicked out of a game is stupid. A personal foul penalty, as the NFL found out in a few 2016 games, doesn’t stop the millionaire bad boys from the BS. Yellow Card then the boot would stop some of the BS. Oh yea and a red card gets you a one game suspension.


  6. Spike

    Wonder if Brice couldn’t find a school that wanted him to transfer in?


    • I imagine if he wanted to transfer with the chance of starting, he was going to have to go to a low P5 program, a mid-major or FCS. He probably realizes he’s not going to get an NFL shot, so staying at Georgia to continue his education may be his best option.