This brings a whole new meaning to “Ain’t played ‘Bama”.

The Crimson Tide hasn’t faced a non-Auburn in-state opponent since 1944, and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon.


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  1. While I want us to bludgeon tech into cancelling the series, there’s really little upside to us playing any other program in the state including the NATS. You win … yawn. You don’t blow them out … people lose their minds. Lose … we’re on the highlight reel on the WWL for the rest of the day.

    I’ll go on record with this. I don’t think we should ever play an in-state school that isn’t on North Avenue.

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    • WarD Eagle

      Isn’t GSU running the triple option his year?

      I would schedule them the week before Tech.


      • They run more of a spread option than the service academy triple option now … or at least, that’s what they were doing 2 years ago when we last played them. It’s still a triple option attack just from today’s formations and personnel groupings.

        I may be wrong about that. I don’t really follow GSU.


    • PTC DAWG

      I see no problem with keeping the money instate…if we can’t beat GaSouthern or Mercer etc, we have big issues.


      • I understand, but there’s literally no upside to playing any of them. We beat GSU 2 years ago, and people acted like we lost. That GSU team was a hell of a lot better than that ragtag bunch from Louisiana we barely beat in September this year. We beat them handily in 2008 and fell from #1 in the polls. If it works for Bama, we probably should be doing it, too.


        • I understand, but there’s literally no upside to playing any of them.

          What upside is there to playing an out-of-state cupcake?

          Might as well keep the money in the Georgia cupboard, if only for the benefit of taxpayers.


          • Since when are Georgia taxpayers subsidizing GSU football? I thought the athletic associations are private entities that can’t receive state money by law.

            I don’t like cupcakes at all but understand why schools schedule them.


            • Every dollar paid by a guarantee fee is one less dollar an athletic department has to worry about asking a school or its students to pay if the books don’t balance.


              • It’s not the Georgia season ticket holders’ obligation to keep the athletic fee or tuition down for students in Statesboro.

                I get it. Cupcakes/rent a wins/baby seal clubbings are a fact of today’s game. If you want to schedule GSU to keep the money in state, fine. I still see nothing positive between the white lines from scheduling schools in the state beyond the nerds. Of course, there’s no value to scheduling one of these games except to build depth. Neither of which we’ve really done dating back to the GSU game in 2015.


                • dawgfan

                  With the home schedule as bad as it is this year, I’d much rather see Ga. Southern in Athens this year than Samford. At least Ga Southern would be an interesting game. Who buys season tickets and wants to see Samford? My season tickets would look a lot better this year with Ga Southern and Florida in Athens.


    • Cory

      I’m on the other side of the fence on this one. I’ve always said that as long as UGA and Ga Tech are receiving any state funding for any reason AND paying for football games against smaller schools, they should be legally mandated to pay/play one of the other state funded schools, Georgia Southern, Georgia State, or Savannah State every year. If they want to schedule more big time opponents, that’s great. However if they are buying wins, instate games against lesser opponents would generate more interest among the fan base, sell more tickets, help build prominence for smaller in state schools, and keep Georgia money in the state.

      I’d never advocate private citizens being required to purchase products or from certain vendors but I absolutely agree with government entities or those funded by the government being forced to buy from those they represent.


  2. Macallanlover

    Tech every fourth year, in Athens, same as GSU has been. No need to play GT every year, and certainly no reason to go to their place. Get an attractive home game in their place.