Thursday morning buffet

Buffetwise, I’m on a roll.

  • Regarding the early signing period, I think Kirby Smart is on to something here:  “I think there’s going to be a lot of pressure on whatever you call them, middle-range, not the elite, elite guys that’s waiting till signing day. But all those other guys are going to get hammered.”
  • If you pay the players, think what will happen to all those poor associate athletic directors for new and creative media.
  • Here’s a look at ESPN’s early college football broadcast schedule.
  • Andy Staples mentions something I wonder about if the NCAA goes ahead and puts a cap on the size of coaching support staffs, namely, how would that survive an antitrust challenge?
  • Arrogance or ignorance?  SEC coaches claim to be stunned by the new NCAA recruiting rules.  It’s only your livelihood, control freaks, and you’re not paying attention?
  • Kirby Smart’s gonna take his sweet time adding a tenth assistant coach.
  • If playing a conference championship game after a round robin schedule sounds like a stupid belt-and-suspenders approach to the problem of having a team make the CFP, the Big 12 isn’t listening“Nobody else in college football can say that they can guarantee their two best teams will play each other at the end of the year.”  That nobody else thinks it’s necessary should be a clue, Bob.
  • Seth Emerson counts roster numbers and finds Georgia just under the 85-man limit.


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3 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. From a legal standpoint, why would capping the number of support positions be any different from capping the number of on-field coaches?


  2. 69Dawg

    This early signing period will be a cluster F, at least for this year. The marginal kids will jump at the chance to sign but the elite will not unless they are really committed. Kirby is right and knows that the old just throw out offers and see what sticks method of recruiting is doomed. You are going to begin the culling process sooner and it’s not going to be pretty. Lot’s of pissed off moms, dads and high school coaches when junior accepts and the schools offer but is told that it has been pulled. The kids will at least find out earlier in the process they have been screwed with and not at the last minute.


  3. Sherlock

    I still say the 10th on field coach should be a kicking coach.