“If an official runs away from a coach, I don’t want him.”

Man, these could have been Penn Wagers’ glory years.  What a wasted opportunity.


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8 responses to ““If an official runs away from a coach, I don’t want him.”

  1. Biggen

    Im surprised coaches wanted and agreed to this change. There is going to be lots of flags thrown for this this season.


    • KershDawg

      I didn’t get the sense that coaches had a say in this decision. Spineless move by Shaw IMO. We have the poorest officiating of any major conference with zero accountability for the bad calls.


  2. Spike

    Penn was ahead of his time.. And I’ll believe all this when I see them flag that asshole Boom..


  3. Macallanlover

    It is a shame that Shaw isn’t as concerned about calling a penalty against one team for a player coming on the field without a helmet when the same crew didn’t call it on the other team when not one, but three did the same thing with no penalty. (And one was not even dressed for the game in a uni as he was injured…kind of hard to miss, and it was earlier in the game, not even the last ten seconds!) Steve Shaw was a better ref than he is the person in charge, by a large margin.


  4. 69Dawg

    Let’s see the refs did not throw Boom out when he was Auburns DC even though he had to be physically restrained by another coach and was clearly verbally abusing the ref but now they are going to flag a coach merely questioning a call if he comes on the field. I call BS on it. It’s a good thing Penn is gone or he would be tossing coaches just to see how far he could get away with it. I’ll believe the SEC is serious about the quality of it’s officials when they fire one in the middle of the season for being a total ass (I’m looking at Curle and his mighty band of dumbasses.)


  5. Spike

    GATA 69 Dawg!


  6. LakeOconeeDawg

    Kirbys “Get Back Assistant” will need a raise. ADGM disapproves.