Help a Jacket out, man.

Newly minted Georgia Tech grad student needs to know something:

– Why exactly should I hate Georgia? With the MSU/UM rivalry, I am fully accustomed to the whole in state ‘little brother’ thing and all that it entails, so save your breath there. My guess is that there is another reason besides just historically being on the wrong side of the rivalry more often than not (For example, UM tried to stunt the growth of MSU as an academic institution when it was starting up, and did the best it could to prevent MSU from joining the Big Ten, which is kinda all you need to know about the general attitude of the Michigan fanbase as that has translated to massive arrogance over the years).

– Any other schools I should learn to hate? From an outsider’s perspective, I’m not aware of any major rivalries for GT outside of UGA.

I can’t wait ’til somebody explains Dragon*Con to him.



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  1. Uglydawg

    You should hate Notre Dame…big, ugly history there….which leaves you in a dilemma…who to pull for in the UGA / ND game? It’s a problem we all face. For example, I have to decide who to to be for in the NATS , (UGA speak for in “North Ave. Trade School”) or Tennessee.
    (See “Meteor Game” for the typical UGA fan’s answer to this dilemma) . Yeah, it’s low odds to pull for the meteor, but one’s got to hit somewhere, sooner or later, so it could happen. Do you hate me yet?


  2. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    So this guy has thoroughly researched Tech and all he can find is info that tells him that their only rival is the Dawgs? Just more evidence that they are obsessed with us.


  3. WarD Eagle

    I’m disappointed he didn’t know to hate Auburn.

    Thank goodness AU’s AD schedules all those games with Clempson.


  4. ApalachDawg



  5. Napoleon BonerFart