If you can’t beat him, change the rules?

al.com argues this year’s SEC spring meetings were All About Saban.

The SEC spring meetings have started to feel like an annual conference at the beach where coaches talk about how to keep Alabama from killing everyone on the football field. What rules can be put in place to cap Alabama’s spending? How can schedules be tweaked to make life easier for everyone else?

Nick Saban is in favor of fewer rules. Others want more rules. For example, the latest rule that discourages SEC football teams from hiring a high school coach as a support staffer. If a team hires a high school coach, then that team can’t recruit that high school for two years.

The rule sounds very well intentioned, of course. SEC teams with tons of money shouldn’t be able to hire a high school coach just to land a prospect from that coaches team. In reality, it sounds like just another rule to keep Alabama in check.

It’s a nice theory, except for one thing.  That’s a NCAA rule.



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4 responses to “If you can’t beat him, change the rules?

  1. 81Dog

    Well, the NCAA is scared of Nick, too. And so are most journalists. Let this writer go, he’s on a roll.


  2. steve

    Legislating morality can be tough…..and mostly futile.


  3. WarD Eagle

    When deciphering the intent of an al.com article, one must understand the theory behind every article is that priority is given to fluffing the nuts of the literate portion of Walmart Nation.