Stand by your man, Ole Miss edition

To summarize:  The NCAA ain’t backing down.  The school ain’t backing down.  Even the boosters ain’t backing down.

SB Nation can confirm that lawyers representing two individuals who would fall under the NCAA’s official classification of booster are prepared for litigation against the university.

Ditto for the Nuttster, who’s also got a lawyer.

Damn it, where’d y’all hide the popcorn?


UPDATE:  Don’t blame Hugh.

Blame Barney.



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40 responses to “Stand by your man, Ole Miss edition

  1. Hugh Freeze should set up a new email for any boosters with any info on cheating


    • Russ

      Never gets old.

      When he’s back to coaching high school, maybe he’ll still get emails to that address.


  2. Spike

    Let the Games Begin!


  3. Mayor

    Freeze is dirty. He bought Tunsil and now has gotten caught. Freeze stealing Tunsil from Georgia caused Georgia a big problem in the OL. Having Tunsil would have completely changed the UGA team with Tunsil at one tackle and Theus at the other. Go get ‘im NCAA and get Ole Piss while you are at it.


    • PTC DAWG

      RE Tunsil, it takes two to tango…glad he went to Ole Miss.


      • Jack Klompus

        Not me.


        • Mayor

          Me either. If Tunsil had been under the influence of someone like a Mark Richt instead of a Hugh Freeze he might have turned out to be a good kid as well as a good player. Long term it would have been in Tunsil’s best interest to go to Georgia. Instead he sold himself to Ole Piss for a few thousand bucks and is having his name trashed all over the media.


  4. SemperFiDawg

    Dis bout to git good.


  5. Paul

    Still can’t figure out how North Carolina gets away with the the most egregious ongoing academic fraud in history without penalty. Or even a hit to their reputation for academic excellence. But I can’t wait for the mud to start flying in Oxford.

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    • The Dawg abides

      Careful man, we’ve got some major tar heel sympathizers on here. They’ll probably be dropping by shortly.


    • Otto

      Ole Miss will be interesting, I do not believe they are any worse than a few other schools in the West but they can’t be bothered with competing against little Ole Miss.

      It isn’t shocking UNC a premier ACC school managed to escape, and Ole Miss little brother in the SEC may get hammered. Don’t mess with the Red Elephant club.


    • Silver Creek Dawg

      I’ll bite. The NCAA has no jurisdiction over academic issues like this. That’s for the acccredation folks to handle.


    • DoubleDawg1318

      It’s still an ongoing investigation but yeah, I’m surprised they haven’t lowered the boom. I really hope they smash UNC because they deserve to take a huge hit to their academic reputation over this.


    • Bazooka Joe

      The reason is the UNC issues are academic and system wide (i.e. not specific to athletes, all students had access and some took these courses). These types of issues generally do not fall under the ncaa jurisdiction, but more so the school accrediting agencies, and others like that.


  6. Red Cup

    If this was happening to the Dawgs, we would have already imposed a 4 year bowl ban, given up 50 scholarships, and spotted the opposition 14 points to start each game over the next 4 years, while admitting guilt in the UNC academic fraud case as well

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  7. BigD

    Definitely the polar opposite of the “roll over and play dead” Georgia Way.


    • Uglydawg

      That’s the irony. We all lamented the Georgia way, yet we’re critical of O’Ms putting up a fight. They’re dirty as hell, but I hope they give the NCAA their due. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I hate cheaters but I hate the NCAA even more. (BTW…I in no way think the things UGA self imposed for are comparable to the violations OMS is accused of. That’s some serious, bad stuff, Oxford).


  8. Meh. Wouldn’t surprise me if those lawyers show how incompetent the NCAA really is, which will infuriate me even more that we hung Gurley out to dry over a thousand dollars for his own signature. McGarity and company are polishing their Good Guy Championship trophy as we speak…..


  9. Cojones

    A large case of Stupid has broken out at that institution and it will continue to it’s draconian finish. A monument with a gas mask will be dedicated in front of the stadium this fall, after all, that IS what they are fighting for, isn’t it? Well, isn’t it?


  10. AusDawg85

    Winter is coming.


  11. Hillbilly Dawg

    It’s like finding your big brothers porn stash.


  12. Am I the only person that saw this headline and had visions of Minnie Driver singing this song with a bad Russian accent in Goldeneye?


  13. Bigshot

    Ole Miss is going to skate by with little or no penalty.


  14. 69Dawg

    This could be the straw that broke the camels back. If the NCAA can’t get these guys then a rode map for how to handle the NCAA has ben drawn and only UGA will ever be screwed again and that will a self imposed screwing.


  15. Bulldog Joe

    The Chair of the NCAA Infractions Committee happens to be SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. Sankey is on the committee through 2019.

    With SEC revenue at stake, Sankey is Mississippi’s ace in the hole. I don’t expect to see any significant penalties assessed while he is there.


  16. Ole Miss gets a slap on the wrist, Freeze discovers he is no longer coach, and things roll on.
    Savvy lawyers on the OM part, litigate, delay, etc., until the crap blows over and a new target is in sight.