Today, in things that make me feel elderly

I never would have guessed Shaq Wiggins is 23 years old.  Does that make him the oldest starting player in the SEC this season?



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10 responses to “Today, in things that make me feel elderly

  1. Marc

    John Atkins is 24. Will be 25 by Georgia’s bowl game

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  2. Wait, what? I didn’t even know he transferred to UTK. Good grief!


  3. Bright Idea

    And what was Saban saying about free agency in the SEC. Sounds like we already have it.


  4. Faultering Memory

    What happened to following Grantham to Miss State? I mus have yawned though that finale.


  5. Sherlock

    A good number of these kids fail a couple of grades. Some also take an extra year at a prep school in order to get enough credits to qualify, to raise their GPA, to pass Algebra I, etc, so that they can meet the minimum NCAA qualifications. There are more kids that turn 21 during their true-Freshman year than you think e.g. Leonard Floyd turned 21 the day after the South Carolina game his Freshman year.


  6. Argondawg

    Is he a starter?


  7. Got Cowdog?

    Aw hell. Elderly? How about we change it to classic.


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