Today, in tortured analogies

Kirby Smart says there’s no point to a search for truth regarding staff size, because who among us can truly discern one of the great mysteries of our time?

Georgia’s athletics budget, which will be $127.5 million in its fiscal year 2018, allows for the flexibility of support staff hires such as these. Georgia head coach Kirby Smart seemed wary that the NCAA could arbitrarily cap the number of support staffers per program.

“I think it’s hard to pick a number,” Smart said. “I think that’s why we’re all talking about it. It’s no different than, ‘Are there four teams in the playoff? Six teams? Eight teams?’ So where does that number go?”

Why, as far as it needs to, Kirby.



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9 responses to “Today, in tortured analogies

  1. Kirby is already such a master wordsmith. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whose agenda he’s here for.


  2. Bright Idea

    When they cap it, and they eventually will, the NCAA will do what they normally do, just pick a number.


  3. DawgPhan

    isnt the whole point that the NCAA can’t cap the number without violating anti trust laws?


  4. raintdog

    16, including each conference champion and the remaining highest ranked teams. Easy, peezy.


  5. Captain Obvious

    if its capped, just add them to the athletic department staff, and then add this last sentence to their contract; ” …and other duties as needed”. Simple. Drive a mack truck through that loophole kirby.