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Construction site

A reader just emailed me this picture of what the West Endzone area looks like now and I thought I would share it with y’all.


Photo credit goes to Beakerdawg


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Adios, Big Game Bob.

This comes from out of nowhere.

Bob Stoops, one of the three coaching giants of Oklahoma’s century-long football excellence, plans to tell his team Wednesday that he will retire after 18 seasons as the Sooner head coach.

An OU source said offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley will take over as head coach.

It is expected that Stoops will remain with the university in some capacity.

I know Riley is well thought of as an OC, but that’s quite a leap for a major program like Oklahoma.  Interesting transition coming, to say the least…


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But if you have a change of heart…

Hard to believe that a just few years ago, Greg McGarity had the temerity to ask the musical question “Any position that we have here needs to be justified. … What are these people going to do?”.

Good times.


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“Your honor, in support of our motion, we cite the case of In re: The Joker.”

This is easily the comedic highlight of Ole Miss’ response to the NCAA’s laundry list of allegations:

Right behind that was Ole Miss’ futile attempt to interview Dan Mullen during the process of formulating its response.

And you thought it wouldn’t pay to have a sense of humor dealing with the NCAA.


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Eat, drink and spend broadcast revenue

Reading this article, I think the SEC grand poobahs Seth Emerson interviewed about cord-cutting mistook the question “Should the SEC be worried?” for “Is the SEC worried?”

There’s a difference, which they’ll realize in a decade or so.


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What a waste

To the astonishment of absolutely no one, “Antonio Callaway has been offered a deal by the State Attorney’s Office that would see his misdemeanor marijuana possession charge dropped if he pleads guilty to misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia”.

The prosecutor explains:

State Attorney Bill Cervone said the plea deal Callaway has been offered is typical for a first-time offender, which Callaway is.

“Callaway will be treated as any other first-time cannabis offender, which he legally is despite admissions made in other contexts, and allowed to plead to possession of paraphernalia if he chooses,” Cervone told The Sun…

Um, yeah, those admissions

Callaway was suspended from the football team in January of 2016 for a violation of the university’s Student Conduct Code that was later learned to involve an alleged sexual assault.  Ironically enough, Callaway’s defense was that he was “so stoned” on marijuana that he didn’t want to have sex on the night in question; in mid-August, Callaway was found not responsible in a Title IX hearing, clearing the way for a return to the football field.

Really, you can’t make this shit up if you tried.

The article goes on to report that Callaway and his attorney, Huntley Johnson, are considering the offer.  Why not grab it?  Welp, one reason may be that Callaway isn’t being offered deferred prosecution, meaning that if he takes the plea this month, he leaves his coach with having to make a suspension call for the Michigan game.  It’s likely that’s a decision Jim McElwain would prefer not to make.

Can Johnson help a Gator coach out one more time?  Stay tuned.


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Reader poll: “Does Fromm redshirt now?”

It’s June.  There’s nothing substantive going on in Dawgnation for us to chew on.  So, using Seth Emerson’s piece as a jumping off point, I thought I’d ask you guys to weigh in on what Kirby Smart and Jim Chaney should do with their quarterbacks.

Mind you, I’m not asking you to predict what will happen.  This is about your present opinion about what would be the best course of action.  In making your choice, assume for the sake of argument that nobody gets injured during the season.  (Were that to happen, all bets would be off, I would expect.)

Feel free to explain yourself in the comments.


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Do as they say, not as they do.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the greatest student-athlete appeal of a decision denying his graduate transfer request ever:

Good luck on getting someone to give you a straight answer on that, kid.

Although somebody should.


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