Adios, Big Game Bob.

This comes from out of nowhere.

Bob Stoops, one of the three coaching giants of Oklahoma’s century-long football excellence, plans to tell his team Wednesday that he will retire after 18 seasons as the Sooner head coach.

An OU source said offensive coordinator Lincoln Riley will take over as head coach.

It is expected that Stoops will remain with the university in some capacity.

I know Riley is well thought of as an OC, but that’s quite a leap for a major program like Oklahoma.  Interesting transition coming, to say the least…



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32 responses to “Adios, Big Game Bob.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Verry Interesting.


  2. Rocketdawg

    NCAA been snooping around Norman? Maybe Stoops is planning his escape to take over at Ole Miss when they fry Freeze?

    Weird and odd timing. Hopefully nothing health related for him or any family members


  3. We can speculate that it’s for many reasons but, considering that I’ve never heard anything about him cheating, I think maybe he’s made a good living and is done with the grind.


  4. And 18 very successful years at one school and fans who still complain. Nearly 24/7 recruiting grind. Many will say “well he makes millions” and there you go. Higher pay, higher expectations….”early” retirement. Of course it could be infidelity, health, recruiting violations or any number of reasons, too, but people in all forms of sport are getting out earlier than previous generations.


  5. The thinking is odd but I can see him spending the off-season with his family and saying I’m done. Speculation is fun. Lol


  6. mant

    Can we start a Les Miles sighting in Norman rumor?

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  7. gastr1

    I hope his health is ok. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind with a sudden change in the middle of the off-season like this.


  8. I think he saw what happened to his friend and mentor, Steve Spurrier, and said, “No way will that happen to me.” He’s on the Sooner Mount Rushmore. No reason to put that at risk. The only thing odd to me is the timing.


  9. Farmer_Dawg

    Retiring with 190 wins, that’s a lot like a MLB pitcher retiring with 290 wins odd not to try to reach that milestone.


  10. Bware

    SEC told him OU would be in the west division when they joined, but Stoops had requested to be put in the east.


  11. Bob

    Somehow I doubt that joining the SEC West or East scared him very much. He has had his way with SEC teams recently.


  12. Tired of it,I imagine. Hope he is good health.


  13. Uglydawg

    Going from OC to HC is quite a jump for a major program….or something like that. I saw what you may have done there.


  14. 3rdandGrantham

    “My health was not the deciding factor in this decision…”

    The key word there is ‘deciding,’ so his health was a factor in some capacity.


  15. Sherlock

    Reminder that the number of National Championships won by active coaches not named Saban or Meyer has dropped from 3 to 2. The new 10 longest tenured coaches are:

    Kirk Ferentz, Iowa
    Gary Patterson, TCU
    Kyle Whittingham, Utah
    Frank Solich, Ohio
    Mike Gundy, Oklahoma State
    Rick Stockstill, Middle Tennessee
    Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern
    Mark Dantonio, Michigan State
    Troy Calhoun, Air Force
    Nick Saban, Alabama


  16. Spike

    Kiffin to OU?


  17. ApalachDawg

    Joe Mixon = Aaron Hernandez for Stoops


  18. Macallanlover

    I won’t miss his little man cheap shots at the SEC but, in general, Stoops goes down as one of the good guys who ran a pretty clean program, and put a good product on the field. Timing makes me think there is definitely a health issue that we will find out about later, Stoops would leave them at this time otherwise.

    Not sure how good a HC Riley will be in Norman but he will always be the OC UGA should have gone after. Wouldn’t normally be supportive of a program like Oklahoma hiring a coordinator but in this case there is really no other reasonable alternative. The very unfortunate timing means you cannot change scheme nor have the usual available list of candidates to choose from. The AD had no other choice but to take someone on staff, at least they knew the strengths and weaknesses of this particular coordinator. Riley has to feel like he hit the coaching lottery both financially and with the returning talent.