Construction site

A reader just emailed me this picture of what the West Endzone area looks like now and I thought I would share it with y’all.


Photo credit goes to Beakerdawg



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  1. 79DawgatWork

    Any word on whether the scoreboard will be around this season or is it RIP?


  2. Mayor

    I realize I am being a nostalgic old man about this but……I miss the way Sanford Stadium used to be. I miss the railroad tracks and people watching the game from there. I also miss the chaos when a train would come by during a game. I miss the people watching from the bridge. I miss the kids laying in the grass on the slope on the side next to the West end zone. All that was part of the charm of seeing a game “tween the hedges.” Sanford Stadium was a unique place.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I miss all that, too, but mostly I miss the time when going to a game was less of a chore. An older attorney that befriended me had six tickets, 3 on one side of the 50 yard line, 3 on the other side. Wally Butts’ family sat behind us; we were always dry and always in the shade and I know that sounds idyllic, but what was really great was parking at the Pharmacy school about 11:00, having a little lunch, and walking down to the seats, enjoying the game and the band, and being home by 5:30 – 6:00 unless we went out somewhere afterwards. Unless someone near you puked, it was a pretty genteel experience, but those days are Gone With the Wind.

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    • No Axe To Grind

      I remember the same things and agree totally. The game day experience of those days can never be repeated. Sad.


    • Russ

      Amen, brother.

      But just think of all the great advertising we can put on the tarps covering the upper decks once this whole house of cards comes crashing down. Reserve Fund FTW!


  3. gastr1

    Is that the new bathroom facility under there?


    • Normaltown Mike

      no. But there’s going to be a soft serve bar, 30 video game consoles, nerf basketball court, DJ tables, recording booth and a shooting range…all for the recruits.

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  4. Servicestaff

    It’s a mess down there right now. Everything under the stands is gone and the parking lot and entrance to Tate is all torn up. The scoreboard and seating is untouched for the moment. There is plenty of equipment and workers out there everyday so hopefully they will stay on schedule.


    • Servicestaff

      Also, heard that they had to pay for the use of the whole Tate center parking deck because construction interfered with the use of the ticket booth. Thanks UGAAA! Now I don’t have to walk up and down Baxter everyday!


  5. Here’s another picture I took of the actual stands Saturday. Really gutted it out. The dawg walk parking lot is a storage lot for construction equipment and an office trailer. Wonder how much they’re trying to get done before App State

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  6. Granthams replacement

    Greg will be sure to have plenty of 95 degree port o lets for your bathroom experience on sept 2.

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  7. John Denver is full of shit...

    Orange shirt is making that easy money.


  8. Hillbilly Dawg

    I’ve got my midweek drunk on so I don’t care


  9. 83Dawg

    You know, if you weren’t used to Sanford and hadn’t been there a zillion times, the first picture would make it look like the field is elevated and supported by concrete pillars and one could walk underneath it.

    And quit talking about the ‘east’ or ‘west’ end zone–they are properly known as the ‘tracks end’ and ‘the bridge’ end.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go yell at a bunch of kids on my lawn 😎


  10. FisheriesDawg

    The take-home for me from that picture: you’re no longer going to be able to see the field while walking between classes. That sucks.

    I wonder if Kirby wanted it that way for scrimmages?


  11. Cold Bier

    I was looking at the construction last week during freshman orientation for my daughter. It looks like there will a football related mural sculpted in the brick wall which is a nice touch. Now if they only would do something with the eyesore of the stairwell on that side.

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