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Musical palate cleanser, American rock and roll edition

Chuck Berry’s new album will be released on June 16th, but in the meantime you can enjoy one of the cuts from the record, “Big Boys”.

All you need to hear is the opening guitar riff to know you’re in good hands.  (There are a couple of more songs linked in that Rolling Stone piece, if you’re interested.)


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Don’t delay; do it today!

Shockingly, it’s mid-June and season tickets are still available.  You’d think Dawgnation would be falling all over itself to get a crack at this powerhouse home schedule.

Sounds like a timely subject for the next edition of The First Word.


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Thursday morning buffet

Back to the chafing dishes, folks.

  • The NCAA refused to let Ed Orgeron speak at a charity event because… education.
  • Another day, another concussion lawsuit.
  • Latest national title odds have Georgia at 25-1.
  • Dan Wolken asks, “Why is Ole Miss going to these incredible lengths to protect Hugh Freeze?”  It’s a fair question.
  • Here’s al.com’s latest SEC hot seat ratings.
  • Can you name the five college programs that have appeared in every AP preseason Top 25 poll since 2005?  (I bet you can name the only one of those five that hasn’t played for a national title during that stretch.)
  • The NBA commissioner is struggling with the one-and-done issue.  Here’s an opinion piece that argues one-and-done hasn’t been that bad for colleges.


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