Barney Farrar tries to drag Dan Mullen under the bus with him.

Ole Miss, hit with an FOIA request, released a number of individual responses to the NCAA’s Notice of Allegations.

Hugh Freeze’s 91-page (!) filing is exactly what you might expect — a combination of self-praise and shocked, shocked ignorance about what his once-trusted assistant Farrar was up to.  (Remember, though, that Farrar is only linked directly to three of the NCAA charges.)

It’s Farrar’s answer that provides the real comic relief.  Check this out:

Dan Mullen, sumbitch.  If that guy is so good at conniving, how come he hasn’t won a division title yet?  (Compare that with what Ferrar said about Freeze.)

The Egg Bowl is shaping up to be a blast this year.



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13 responses to “Barney Farrar tries to drag Dan Mullen under the bus with him.

  1. Man, is it 1984 all over again? This is some old school in-state college football rivalry right here!


  2. That thing is some purple prose. Everything but a twirled mustache and a BWA HA HA! Does Hugh get tied to the railroad tracks at some point?


  3. Sure would like to get a view at this Farrar guy’s bank account… Wonder what it cost Ole Miss to get him to lay down in front of the bus and reach for Mullen.
    Say what you want about scumbag Freeze – he inspires some serious loyalty.


    • Paul

      My thoughts exactly. Follow the money. Barney will likely get a show cause decision so it’s not like he can work again anytime soon. You really have to take care of a guy to make him want to do something like this. Chuck Colson and H.R. Haldeman would be proud.


  4. Spike

    This is getting good. I’ll stay tuned. Oh..what a tangled web we weave…


  5. aladawg

    Senator, “Where’s a big bucket of Popcorn. They might even need an intermission for this one.”


  6. This just gets better. A great soap opera in the making.


  7. SCDawg

    Why did they have to redact where Chris Kiffin currently coaches? So bizarre.





  9. Dog in Fla

    “Barney Farrar’s response also has this language.”

    The response also has this music, which is not safe for work, home or anywhere else except a NCAA closed session that needs more cowbell

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  10. pcpup

    Nothing new here. Fred Taylor and Reidel Anthony were given immunity to give information against Georgia. They both admitted taking money and were, in effect, professionals while playing for the Gators.


  11. Marc Antony

    Barney Farrar is an honorable man.