Nick Saban is only SEC head coach still with same job after 10 years.

After his retirement, I wonder if we’ll ever see that again.



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  1. The way Kirby is going, UGA is more than likely going to see a reset sooner rather than later.

    Hiring Chaney was a gigantic mistake. He’s had zero success as an OC not working with a good offensive mind like Tiller or Kiffin. His last two teams improved greatly on offense AFTER he left them.

    Not firing Chaney is likely going to be a catastrophic mistake, one that will likely cost Kirby his job.


    • Bigshot

      Kirby has coached one year and you already have him out the door. How many mistakes did Mark Richt make in hiring coordinators? Give me a break!


      • People who just had one of our best HC ever, fired, got what they wanted but now expect some great amount of leeway for the next guy. This IS the Georgia Way. Let’s talk now about the great teams from decades ago and Erk and “fire”.

        I’m not ready to throw this staff under the bus but this “but Richt….” stuff is exactly what McGarity and all the wonderful leaders of this program are hoping for in terms of job security. Smart loses to got damn Vandy and Tech….”but Richt….” Richt teams let me down a few times but Kirby has a hell of a long way to go to earn the leeway Richt was given. Funny thing is that Kirby is clearly being given more support and what has he done to earn it??

        Kirby was brought into to immediately improve on the last coaches success, not to be given a long leash. If I’m wrong, and there is no real sense of urgency, then everything I fear about this program, from much of the fan base to it’s administration, is true.


        • DoubleDawg1318

          Insisting that Kirby and Co. get more than a year before they are judged is not giving them a “long leash.” Rather, it’s the reasonable thing to do. HC’ should get a minimum 3-4 years to be judged. Coordinators 2-3.


        • Bigshot

          If Richt got it, why shouldn’t we expect to give Kirby some leeway. I always support the coach of the Bulldogs. I liked Richt. He blew a lot of his goodwill with the UF debacle. The man wanted to get fired.


    • Mayor

      Chaney is going to be Kirby’s Willie Martinez. By the time Kirby wakes up and replaces the guy he will have spent all the fan goodwill up.


  2. Otto

    Yes we will as he is the reason coaches are being replaced.


  3. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    Saban Derangement Syndrome is a real thing.


  4. HVL Dawg

    Yes we will, but we will all be very old by then. It will be after the crash.

    It will happen like this: After the introduction of player’s contracts with salaries and free agency, will come the elimination of academic requirements. The SEC, the B10 and about 15 other schools will set up the NFL development league played on college campus- which will be ultra successful for about 20-30 schools- until the scandals become too much for the presidents.

    Then a group of university presidents will decide that these massive programs aren’t congruent with the mission anymore and they’ll calculate a way to turn college football back into the original model of students playing football for their school.

    The NFL Developmental League will be successful and teams will move to the colleges who will build new stadiums for them.

    Then we’ll see coaches stay 10 years at a school again, but it won’t be called the SEC anymore- most likely the Southern Conference.


  5. Greg

    It would not surprise me if Richt stays at Miami 10 years or longer….or at least, as long as he has wants.


  6. Dawg in Austin

    Saban’s presence and dominance is the reason so many coaches don’t last 10 years anymore. So yes, once he leaves and there is more parity again (more chances for other teams to win the conference) coaches will last 10 years.


  7. Mayor

    I have a theory on why college HCs can’t last more than a few years at one school. We have been playing college football for more tha 100 years now, some longer than that. Every school, even Duke, Kentucky and Vandy (look it up–Vandy was a powerhouse in the ’20s and 30s) has had years when they were successful, won conference championships, bowl games, even possibly a national championship. The alums want and expect that level of accomplishment for their school all the time. That is not possible. Football is a competitive game. ALL the teams can’t win all the time. So when their HC doesn’t win up to their expectations they fire him and try someone new–always hoping that the new guy will lead them back to the mountaintop.


  8. Whoever succeeds Saban is in for maybe the toughest job in College Football history.