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An early look at the new direction

Phil Steele’s 2017 mag is available on iTunes, if you’re so inclined (I wait for the old school mag, myself).  Patrick Garbin has a rundown on Steele’s unit rankings for Georgia.

That is about as reserved as I’ve seen Steele project Georgia in the preseason, which is probably why I don’t have much of an objection to those rankings.  Given the quality of the last two recruiting classes, it’s a lot more important to see where the rankings wind up, rather than where they started, anyway.


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“Any school can do what we did.”

For those of you who wonder what intercollegiate sports might look like in the absence of NCAA supervision, college rugby offers a tantalizing story.

Don’t go too crazy here — for one thing, Cal, which is one of only two schools that offers men’s rugby as a full NCAA program, dominates the sport and won the last championship — but this is certainly intriguing:

Yet, last Saturday and Sunday, Kutztown was one of 24 teams — most of them clubs — competing in the eighth annual Collegiate Rugby Championship at Talen Energy Stadium, home of the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer. More than 27,000 fans showed up for the weekend games — exceeding the attendance at 10 college football bowl games last year. And the event was televised nationally by NBC’s sports networks.

Added bonus:  “Alcohol sales, prohibited at many N.C.A.A. sites, were strong (Irish whiskey a particular favorite).”


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