“Any school can do what we did.”

For those of you who wonder what intercollegiate sports might look like in the absence of NCAA supervision, college rugby offers a tantalizing story.

Don’t go too crazy here — for one thing, Cal, which is one of only two schools that offers men’s rugby as a full NCAA program, dominates the sport and won the last championship — but this is certainly intriguing:

Yet, last Saturday and Sunday, Kutztown was one of 24 teams — most of them clubs — competing in the eighth annual Collegiate Rugby Championship at Talen Energy Stadium, home of the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer. More than 27,000 fans showed up for the weekend games — exceeding the attendance at 10 college football bowl games last year. And the event was televised nationally by NBC’s sports networks.

Added bonus:  “Alcohol sales, prohibited at many N.C.A.A. sites, were strong (Irish whiskey a particular favorite).”



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14 responses to ““Any school can do what we did.”

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    While I love the story; allowing, say, the sale of bourbon at SEC stadiums is akin to allowing the sale of cheap M80’s at a drunken redneck fest…bad things surely are going to happen.


    • Sherlock

      Anymore, SEC stadia are drunken redneck fests. It is actually quite embarrassing. College football fans should be drunk, cultured, and semi-well-behaved.


      • I don’t care about drunkenness or obnoxiousness or the excessive use of vulgarity. I’ve been there. What is unacceptable is being less than gracious to visitors. No matter your BAC there is no reason to be aggressive, threatening or confrontational with visiting fans. I’ve seen that less in Athens than in other places, but I’ve seen it on occasion. I’m not sure alcohol sales will change it at Sanford that much since I think we’re pretty much all lit to some degree or another.

        I also have to admit that the one place I’ve been multiple times (1994, 2002, 2007) and have not had a bad experience is Tuscaloosa. In Auburn, Columbia, Knoxville, Baton Rouge, Starkville, and Jax…not so much. I can’t imagine going to Neyland if they sold alcohol. Those people wake up being ridiculous loudmouth redneck idiots of the highest order.

        P44 Haynes shut them up though. That was the best moment of live football I’ve ever experienced.


        • Just Chuck (The Other One)

          My friend, a Tennessee grad, wears his orange jersey when he comes with me and we play the Vols. He always comments on how well treated he is in Athens. Obviously he’s not used to visiting fans being particularly well treated other places.


        • Sherlock

          I concur. The things that bother me the most are the aggressive, confrontational dickheads you mentioned. and the trashy people that can’t figure out how to use a garbage can. College football should much more closely resemble a southern horse race (e.g. I still wear a coat and tie, weather permitting on the coat) than a NASCAR event. Unfortunately, that is no longer true. I only go to a game once every couple of years, but you won’t find us tailgating. We pregame at one of downtowns more upscale establishments. We go straight from the pub to the game and then straight to the car when the game is done.


        • 3rdandGrantham

          Ironically enough the only bad experience I ever had was the ’02 game at Bama. Some drunken trashy woman right behind me screamed that her husband was going to kick my a** after Bennett made that FG with a few seconds remaining. I turned around saw this skinny guy with a huge gut start yelling at her to shut up. I honestly thought they were going to come to blows right then and there.


          • The scariest thing I experienced was after P44 haynes. We went to some chain restaurant to get something to eat. I walk up the bar and as I turned around I see this very angry, drunk guy looking me square in the eye. He says: what you so happy about?

            Normally I’d have been a smart ass. However I notice dude has his right hand behind him slightly and within his hands are handcuffs. Using my “anti-Derek” skills that sometimes are required to keep myself in one piece, I charmed the guy.

            Turns out he was an off-duty cop. In short he was looking for trouble and hoping that he could curb stomp somebody and get away with it. Frightening.

            The screaming crazy woman at the game was more annoying but not nearly as frightening.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        No doubt, which is why ratcheting things up further with hard liquor sales would be like throwing gasoline on a roaring fire.

        It rather sad where we are as a society when I wouldn’t dare take my young sons to a late afternoon or evening UGA game. Noon vs Vandy? Fine. 6pm game vs. AU? No way in hell.

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        • Sherlock

          Well, the problem isn’t the booze, it is the culture of the shit-apple white-trash rednecks that show up “for the party”. College football has a long and glorious tradition as an all-day boozefest; it used to that people knew how to limit their drinking so that all of the bodily fluids stayed in they got to the restroom. People drink just as heavily at black-tie charity galas without issue. Different culture, different result.


  2. 69Dawg

    Life University is right up there with the best. You would think UGA’s club team would be more involved nationally. UT and Clemson got smoked.


    • Godawg

      LIFE U is indeed a powerhouse in collegiate rugby.They played Cal in the championship game at the CRC (which is a 7s tournament) and lost. LIFE’s club team won the NC in 15’s. The ladies NCAA team won the NC in 15s and the CRC in Philadelphia two years running.


  3. You get what you give, usually. FU is the exception. I’ve been to the Sump many times and the slow learners are the most arrogant and ill-behaved of us all, no matter who they’re playing. Columbia West was by far the nicest. I attended the SEC opener there and people were shaking my hand, welcoming their rivals. I just kept thinking how shocked they were gonna be when they got to Gainesville. UK fans look like they never attended high school but they are also among the most welcoming and well-behaved folks I’ve encountered. LSU fans will feed you before the game but you better be prepared to haul ass if you beat them, especially at night. Red Stick traffic rivals T-Town and Clemson for sheer engineering incompetence.

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  4. Bob

    Could not agree more. Have heard that Nebraska and Notre Dame fans are very gracious to their visitors. Going to find out in South Bend this September, but others I know say that they are classy. Never have an issue with booing the opponents when they come on to the field, but respect the opponent. One exception that would fire me up against my own would be if we were playing Army, Navy or Air Force and people started booing. I saw some ugly incidents a couple of years ago with Rutgers students screaming obscenities at the Middies. Not a fan of Ohio State, but a couple of years ago they had both Navy and the Buckeyes come onto the field together and that was cool. Of course it will never be a problem in Athens since we prefer playing Samford and Southern to a service academy.


  5. Worse experience was at Oregon. Those folks do not like UW fans,or pretty much any Pac 12 fans. It is the worse stadium for behavior, I have been at. Texas Tech was the nicest. Of course, they won both games by big margins, so sure that helped.


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