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Alex, I’ll take “No effin’ way” for $200.

AJ-C writer wants to know “Could Atlanta’s SunTrust Park someday be the site of a Georgia Bulldogs football game?”


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“Anything short of an SEC East title will result in disappointment in Athens.”

Al.com surveys the SEC East’s seven SIDs on the topic of which program wins the division (schools could not vote for themselves) and the Dawgs come out on top.

No. 1 Georgia

Georgia received four first-place and two second-place votes to take the top spot in the SEC East projected order. The Bulldogs disappointed in Year 1 of the Kirby Smart era, finishing 8-5, but return a talented roster led by running back Nick Chubb.

In case you’re wondering, they got exactly one team in the correct order for the 2016 season.

In an accompanying article, we are reminded that Kirby essentially agrees with their thinking.

“We should be a team that will contend,” Smart said. “At the University of Georgia, that is the expectation. We should be a team that is favored to win the East each year. We should recruit the best players in our state, which is a very productive state, and develop those guys into really good players.

“We’re still a young team in my mind. Because over half of our roster will be freshmen or sophomores. But we’ve got some good football players coming back and I’m excited.”

From your lips to Gawd’s ears, boss.


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Heckuva job, Buttsie.

I know some of you think I flog certain equines way past their particular expiration dates, but, damn it, when somebody serves up a hanging curve, you just gotta turn on it.

And so, friends and fans, from the land of Greg “there is nothing greater than being part of championships. That’s why we do what we do” McGarity and Jere “What I can say to our fans is to first, look at our teams” Morehead, comes this special moment of Bulldog Pride.

UGA finishes the academic year without a team championship in any sport.

Let’s raise a glass and toast the glorious future that is surely just around the corner. After all, We Are Georgia, right?


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