Heckuva job, Buttsie.

I know some of you think I flog certain equines way past their particular expiration dates, but, damn it, when somebody serves up a hanging curve, you just gotta turn on it.

And so, friends and fans, from the land of Greg “there is nothing greater than being part of championships. That’s why we do what we do” McGarity and Jere “What I can say to our fans is to first, look at our teams” Morehead, comes this special moment of Bulldog Pride.

UGA finishes the academic year without a team championship in any sport.

Let’s raise a glass and toast the glorious future that is surely just around the corner. After all, We Are Georgia, right?



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  1. Granthams replacement

    It appears ADGM picked a good track coach and inherited good swimming and tennis coaches. After that his hiring/retaining record sucks based wins or championships.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    It seems to me you always miss the point of the University of Georgia’s athletic programs.

    We did, after all, finish in the top ten in the nation, overall, in money.

    And, besides Vandy, no other SEC school has a reserve fund to match Georgia’s. (Vandy, being on of the fancy private schools, does not publish its money figures, I believe.)

    Money is the point.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    I know what goes around comes around, but that ain’t right in the 9th most populous state with only 2 marquee programs. Well, one marquee program and one wannabe.

    Look at South Carolina. Half as many people, and has the football, baseball, and women’s basketball champions, and a men’s final four team.

    If this doesn’t improve soon, we’re gonna become a place nobody wants to coach.


  4. They were .22 seconds from winning a national title in women’s track and field yesterday. McGarrity hired the track coach two years ago. Maybe there’s hope.

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    • Russ

      Agree on that point, Derek. Thought the ladies were going to bring it home, but Oregon came through during clutch time on their home track.


    • DoubleDawg1318

      The track coach was an internal promotion I believe so maybe just half credit on that one.


    • JCDAWG83

      “.22 seconds away”, the 2017 version of “5 yards away”. This is Georgia athletics.


  5. ATL Dawg

    But we won the Reserve Fund championship yet again.


  6. Castleberry

    Safety Dance played next on YouTube. Was that the name of the search firm we used to find Kirby?


  7. Sherlock

    when somebody serves up a hanging curve

    A better sports analogy would be heckling from the stands and then celebrating when the home team loses because the Owner and the GM hurt your feelings.


    • Only if you’re kissing B-M’s arse…

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      • Sherlock

        The cognitive dissonance is strong in this one again. Coupling old quotes, taken out of context by the way, along with the fact that the point is only technically true because the Womens 4×400 relay team lost a race by less than 250ms is not “a hanging curveball”.

        The fact that your response to my critique of your analogy was an Ad Hominem instead of an argument is really the strongest proof of your dissonance. You can accuse me of “kissing B-M’s arse”, but feel free to search my comment history. I have posted on here for several years, and you won’t find a quote from me where I say that I think they are doing a good job at anything except the finances.

        One of two things is true: Either I work really hard to be aware of my biases and try really hard to remain objective in my opinions, or I am kissing the ass of a guy I have publicly advocated replacing since 2014.


        • I’m really not interested in getting into a pissing match with you, but let me just say I find it amusing for someone who accused me of hurt feelings (why, exactly, isn’t explained) to get his dander up over a perceived ad hominem response. But it’s cool you’re that rare person who can assert that his opinions are objective.

          By the way, those quotes are anything but taken out of context. McGarity set championships as a standard of managing the Athletic Dept. in his first public statement; Morehead has chosen to defend his AD by asking the fans to judge his performance by the level of achievement set this spring.


          • He’s a terrible administrator, a leader who no one follows, and a PR nightmare every time he opens his mouth. For those who think he’s a penny pincher and nothing more, he inherited the reserve fund title from Red Panties who only did Il Duce’s bidding.


          • Sherlock

            Oh, Ad Hominems don’t bother me in the slightest. Ad Hominems adn Tu Quoques are the two tell-tale signs that someone did not even contemplate your statement due to cognitive dissonance.

            You engaged in another tell-tale sign… pretending that someone said something they did not. I did not say that my opinions were objective, I said that I TRY really hard to remain objective. Big difference. Go back and read what I wrote.

            I stand by my thought that my sports analogy is more apt. It is beside my original point, but the school did win multiple individual national championships, but I guess they don’t count because they aren’t football.

            You aren’t just beating a dead horse. You are beating the ground upon which a horse carcass has previously rotted away into the ether.

            If you don’t mind a piece of unsolicited advice, you should change the motto of the blog to “Musical commentary that is all made up and flagellant” and remake it into a music blog that has college football references. The music posts are still excellent. The football posts are are morphing into “McGarity has not personally apologized to me yet and that is literally anudah shoah”.


            • Jeff Sanchez

              You’re probably well in the minority of the commentors on this site on this topic fwiw

              Don’t speak for all of us


            • You have me at a disadvantage, Sherlock.

              I have a much harder time understanding what you write than you do of me. How otherwise to explain “try really hard to remain objective in my opinions” as having nothing to do with objectivity?

              As for “It is beside my original point, but the school did win multiple individual national championships, but I guess they don’t count because they aren’t football”, I suppose that’s your explanation as to why President Morehead’s admonition to the fan base that we first look to the teams was taken out of context. Good to know, although maybe you ought to let him in on the spin.

              You’re quick to cite your bona fides (hey, look, I can play Latin scholar, too!) regarding your McGarity criticism to immunize your motives in our discussion, but apparently, despite my numerous posts on the man’s dismal hiring/firing track record, the ever-changing standards for why some coaches are retained and others aren’t, the lack of accountability for the general decline in performance of Georgia’s athletic department under McGarity’s stewardship (those Director’s Cup standings don’t rank themselves), all coupled with a cynical appreciation of what UGA fans will tolerate, my criticism is petty and personal because McGarity hasn’t reached out to sooth my hurt fee-fees. The things I learn about myself.

              In the spirit of offering unsolicited advice, on the off-chance that this is about you being tired of reading McGarity criticism here rather than scoring intellect points, you could have saved both of us a lot of effort by simply posting “More music, less McGarity”. I would have had an easier time keeping up with you, too.


  8. The Georgia Way

    Those who seek to divide us may have missed The First Word on it, but the men’s tennis team won an SEC tournament in Knoxville, The Georgia Way won the #1 spot in SEC payouts, and in every other sport, we were most definitely in the hunt.

    It was another excellent year.