Robbing the cradle

It’s absurd moments like this that make me really, really wish a scholarship offer could be immediately accepted and become binding on a school.



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  1. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    really says a lot at how awful I was at football that a kid who hasn’t hit puberty got a D1 offer and I did not. I have brought shame on the House of Snoop a loop.


  2. Go Dawgs!


    I’m not sure if the offers to freshmen and younger players were ever made with legitimate intent of actually getting the player one day, but now they’re a media gimmick for publicity. That’s all that UH is after here, and the media shouldn’t participate.


    • This is what I was thinking. Basically, the have-nots in CFB are playing the old-school-minor-league-baseball game of sending a vertically challenged person up to bat.


  3. So when he doesn’t pan out as a player and they(Hawaii) don’t extend an actual offer does this fix his damages in a breach of contract case at the value of an in-state scholarship, room and board and COL. Even talking like this is stupid and as my family often says ,”stupid should hurt”


  4. Russ

    A 5th grader has a Twitter account?

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