“It’s not an agenda item here.”

Greg Sankey won’t touch a uniform SEC drug policy with a ten-foot pole, and after reading the variety of responses tracked in this article, I can’t say I blame him.

The one thing I’ve always been amused about Georgia’s crusade for the adoption of a conference-wide standard is that it’s highly unlikely that whatever wound up being adopted by the fourteen schools would bear any resemblance to the harsh restrictions Michael Adams put in place in Athens.  (That’s not meant as a complaint.)  Be careful what you wish for, fellas.



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  1. Michael Adams … the gift that keeps on giving


  2. Macallanlover

    I think that may be the point Senator, in looking for a way to get “unchained” from the current policy (which can easily be seen as overly harsh and severe) a conference wide position with some teeth might provide some shade. I am not sure which is dumber, the conference not having a position at all on something as significant as drugs/alcohol, or UGA’s zero tolerance for minor offenses in a setting where much worse goes on are completely ignored. There should be a meeting somewhere in the gray zone, for everyone’s benefit.

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    • DawgPhan

      If UGA is willing to handicap itself and look foolish doing it, why would the other schools want to bail them out?

      If I was at another a school I would make sure that the SEC never adopted a league wide policy. One I would want to maintain that decision making process, two mandatory sentencing is always stupid, and three let UGA continue to beat themselves.

      If UGA doesnt have the sack to do something for themselves no way the rest of the SEC is going to bail them out. and why would they?


      • Macallanlover

        Why would they? How can they not? There are few companies with more than 25 players that does not have a written policy and procedure for drug and alcohol use/consequences. This is an affiliated group of 13 public, and one private, universities with hundreds of thousands students and employees. And you don’t have a policy or take a position of how young men and women should be treated regarding one of the biggest impact issues they face at an impressionable time in their lives? I find that irresponsible to not have a minimal position….it’s against the friggin law. You can say each can set their own, and they can, but the conference is joined at the hip, like it or not, and they should have a stance that sets a tone that bad behavior will not be tolerated; especially multiple infractions.


        • Reipar

          What law is it against??

          Do other conferences have league wide drug policies?

          A company drug policy is what each SEC team has. What you want is an industry wide policy. That is like apple and Microsoft having one HR department.


          • DawgPhan

            You have to remember that the most important thing for our scotch loving friend is that he believes in communism. He wants there to be one ruling government for everyone and that anyone who doesnt comply is punished. Free markets and local governance are the enemy to him.


    • Cousin Eddie

      Didn’t McG state that if the SEC went with a more lenient policy he would still stay with the current policy. That was several years ago when Richt was the coach and his “future” wasn’t tied to Smart. But I want to say he made some comment along those lines.


  3. The Georgia Way

    We’re very happy with the way we do things at UGA and you should be too. Most people are.


  4. 69Dawg

    The last thing the enemy wants to do is to stop it’s enemy from shooting itself in the foot. 13 of the 14 schools are happy. UGA is a self screwing machine.


  5. Cojones

    Good God. Am I the only one to see the crawling and political language (“I don’t see it as a competitive issue”) as per Scott Stricklin who is for a uniform policy, BUT his language does anything but promote that position. Sankey stays in Rod Serling territory while others mealy-mouth around the issue. This is not a serious subject with those folks and to keep from appearing as scofflaws, they use mewling language and almost snicker in insincere replies to the question of a uniform drug policy.

    Meanwhile, we appear to be locked into a moral and conscience dilemma concerning our policy. We want the players to play, but when they commit a transgression to our policy, we begin to crab sideways looking for an answer that will permit them to do so, yet we want to continue what we recognize as draconian rules(when compared to others’ policies) and then frame our problem in a poll taken of other SEC ADs and published in the press. Every. Friggin’. Time.

    Can’t UGA fans wrap this conundrum into a grocery bag wrapper and smoke it down to a roach to be thrown away or are we keeping the roaches and resmoking them together upon the announcement of another player smoking ganja? This has gotten old and now is no time to be contrite about the past – or the future.