Today, in from your lips to Gawd’s ears

Are there high expectations for Lorenzo Carter’s senior seasonYou betcha.

I will say if they can get double-digit sack production from Carter and Bellamy, that defense is going to be hell on wheels.



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7 responses to “Today, in from your lips to Gawd’s ears

  1. Macallanlover

    Glad to hear about significant improvement with LC, I felt we saw an uptick with Bellamy late last season, a full season with both on a tear will solidify this defense and make them a certainty for Top 10, perhaps Top 5. Often wondered if LC read too many glowing reviews his freshman year and lost his hunger. Regardless, this additional “contract” year could pay off for both of them….and certainly for Dawgs fans and the secondary.


    • merk

      I think a big portion of the problem for LC was going from being just another guy on the field to being the target. LC was coming in with or subbing for 2 other guys who were targets, so I think in his freshman year, he did not experience being the main target of the offense. Last year, teams knew he was really the main threat and treated him that way. Hopefully he is hungry and experienced enough to overcome that this year.


      • Macallanlover

        Good point, he was a surprise early on, and there were other folks that garnered more attention. Hopefully this additional training will take him to the next level and both he, and UGA, will reap the benefits.


  2. dawgtired

    OK, so I’m re-posting a comment/question I made in the “Still, I look to find a Reason to Believe” post above.

    I’m no coach so maybe someone knows if this gives credence…but I wonder if the issues in the DB area slowed the effectiveness of the OLBs, ie Carter and company. I expected more from Carter by now. I keep hoping for an emergence…


  3. 69Dawg

    The problem with both of the OLBs was discipline. They would not set the edge, they would not breakdown and secure the tackle and they would run right past the QB. If they can control their technique they will be great, if not there will be more aw sh*t moments as they have the QB 10 yards behind the LOS and let him escape. I can’t remember which coach said it but the statement about speed on defense was true. If you are fast it’s great unless you are going fast in the wrong direction, then your just taking yourself out of the play faster.


    • Cojones

      Zo did his part last year and was in the backfield more often than successful sacks proved. If he had had any help, he would have garnered at least 3 more sacks. He can’t do it all every time. Good running QBs can make the best tackler in the world guess wrong, but if another guy is in that backfield, that doesn’t happen very often.


  4. Captain Obvious

    Ray Drew cream puff soft