A dollar here, a dollar there, and pretty soon that bakery gets expensive.

Georgia hosts three cupcakes in 2018, Middle Tennessee, Austin Peay and UMass.  Total cost:  $3.7 million.

That’s just part of the equation.

Georgia’s financial guarantees to its eight non-Power Five non-conference opponents over the next three seasons comes out to $7.55 million. That doesn’t include the annual series with Georgia Tech or a two-game home-and-home set with Notre Dame.

Seven and a half million?  No wonder they raised ticket prices.



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  1. The Gatorization of the schedule is complete.


  2. dawgtired

    You would expect ticket prices to go up if you had several high-profile, quality opponents to offer as entertainment…the irony, we pay to play cup cakes yet the price-to-play is so steep we get no bargain for a supposed guaranteed win (which may not be a given)…is anyone thinking this through?…oh I forgot, this isn’t about the fans…never mind.


  3. JCDAWG83

    I guess BM thinks having Auburn, Tenn, Vandy and tech are enough to balance out the ultra crap of the cupcakes. Agreeing to change the Auburn scheduling is enough for McGarity to be fired even if you ignore his other ineptitudes. Our odd year home schedules are total crapfests of the highest order and will be until we get an AD that demands Auburn play us at home two years in a row and gets them back to playing in Athens in odd numbered years.


    • Greg McGarity, J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics

      Everything’s fine. Thanks for checking in.


    • Macallanlover

      Great comment. I know the SEC drove that change but McDummy totally rolled over to the detriment of UGA, and it’s fans. Hate it for what it portends for the future tradition of Sanford and gameday Saturdays in Athens but the fans changing their Saturday fans will not easily be replaced. In fact, that trend will continue to grow and it is the lack of leadership that is to blame. Yes, there are some fans who want to just buy victories in non-competitive games but they aren’t the ones who would be there for long anyway.



    Many SEC teams are happy to have 7-8 home games…our fans just gripe.


  5. Hal Welch

    Those cupcakes are going to be even more expensive than that when you factor in the lethargic showing for those shitty games.


  6. dawgfan

    Why is it so easy to spend $1.8 million to bring in Arkansas State but it took a steady stream of bad press to spend $1 million to bring Sanford bathrooms up to a developed nation’s status? Their actions at BM speak volumes about how they feel about the average fan attending games at Sanford Stadium.


    • FEAR NOT dawgfan!! your dawglenten embrace of 3rd world bathrooms will cleanse you of basic fan expectations and make you a better adherent to the Georgia Way! At the end of dawglenten you will admonish yourself of these selfish expectations and arrive on campus with your checkbook open!


  7. Don’t worry boys and girls! We’ll get all that back and more when we suit up against UVA in 2020!

    “The Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game has distributed a cumulative $51.9 million in team payouts, boasting an average of $4.7 million in total team payouts per game, which is higher than 27 bowl games last year.” (http://www.chick-fil-akickoffgame.com/fast-facts/)


  8. HVL Dawg

    Middle Tennessee ($1.7 Million) must be looking down the road at Austin Peay ($0.5 Million) and saying “suck it!”


    • Middle Tennessee is actually a mid-major Sun Belt. Austin Peay is FCS. The payouts are different for a reason.

      The AD was on the radio this morning talking about how the non-P5 schools have figured out they can demand much more to play at P5 stadiums. It’s pretty much either pay $1.7-$2m or give us a return game. I’ve had my problems with the AD’s approach to things, but this is an area where his hands are tied. Coaches don’t want the 9th conference game. Season ticket holders don’t want cupcakes. The cupcakes are figuring out there’s a seller’s market and are taking advantage. The scheduling situation with tech and the WLOCP make it difficult for us to add a high-profile opponent every year. The agreement to go to Auburn on back-to-back years has hamstrung our conference home scheduling. I can’t believe I’m defending the AD on this topic, but there’s no easy way out other than to request the Auburn game to go back to the original rotation.


      • The Georgia Way

        Thank you for your support, Thomas, and your #COMMITMENTTOTHEG. You described our scheduling situation perfectly.

        Rest assured, we are already in front of this and we are currently in negotiations to move the 2018 game to Auburn.

        We will be getting the First Word out on this as soon as the arrangement is confirmed.

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