Another preseason list

Here’s the link to’s annual preseason All-SEC team, as voted on by the conference’s sports information directors.

While seeing Trent Thompson’s and Roquan Smith’s names included in the first team selections was expected, it’s a little surprising to me that not a single member of Georgia’s secondary appeared anywhere.

Kentucky wound up with more names there than did Georgia.  Hope that’s not an omen.



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5 responses to “Another preseason list

  1. SlobberKnocker

    Agreed. In particular, I don’t understand how Sanders is not on that list. I don’t know the guys on the 2nd teams stats but…


  2. Skeptic Dawg

    I am not capable of saying that this is an omen of some sorts. What I am able to state is that this is a clear indication of the disrepair that our program currently finds itself in, much like the Remains To Be Seen article about Eason and our QB situation. There are far too many holes up and down this roster for this program to be a contender in 2017. Look no further than the OL and DL as clear indicators of our shortcomings. We are unable to protect the QB on offense and we are unable to hit the QB on defense. Two very strong recruiting classes will not fix the UGA program. We will have yet another season or two of subpar football before the ship is righted. What should be expected in year 2 under this staff is progress…signs of improvement week over week. If we witness weekly progress I will be happy.


  3. Macallanlover

    Contend for the East? I hope expectations will be higher for this level of talent, against this schedule, than just contending. We will be the consensus pick to win the East, and barring a 2013 like run of major injuries to key players, just contending would be another big disappointment for UGA fans and set the program back. 9-3 should be our bottom, and 10-2 are most likely season record, let’s not settle for the old college try after a seven win season last year. This team looks to have the talent and depth to get the job done in 2017, and I think they will.