He’s on the case, man.

I don’t know if you’ve been following the latest sexual assault mess at Michigan State, but one aspect of it goes to show that sometimes there’s a price to pay for dumbassery.

Michigan State University police walked former football staff member Curtis Blackwell out of the football building in handcuffs in early February, minutes after determining that he interfered with their investigation of a reported on-campus sexual assault weeks earlier.

Blackwell told investigators he had spoken with two players later identified as suspects about the incident days after it occurred on Jan. 16. That was before MSU police and the university’s Title IX office knew about the alleged involvement of the two players, records show.

Blackwell didn’t tell police or university officials about his discussions with the players until police interviewed him Feb. 8 at the Duffy Daugherty Building.

In a report submitted to prosecutors, which the State Journal obtained through an open records request, police wrote that Blackwell “took it upon himself to investigate” the incident, interviewed suspects and did not share that information he received with police or MSU’s Title IX office.

“I wasn’t doing an investigation or anything,” Blackwell told police. “I was just trying to find out exactly what happened.”

He’s not a police officer.  He just plays one in the athletic department.



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  1. Only a scumbag would try to interfere with an investigation that he has a personal stake in. Anyone who would take any steps whatsoever to insulate themselves or thier organization from scrutiny by interfering with the due course of justice should be “perp walked” right out of their office.

    I sincerely HOPE that every one agrees with that reasonable position. It’s not ok when MSU does it, when Baylor does it, or when PSU does it. Nobody should get away with attempting to bend a criminal investigations to their will.

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    • I’m not sure he was a scumbag who tried to interfere, just your run of the mill assistant coach who is a part of a big time college program that is insulated from the rest of the world and unfamiliar with the due process of law. Its almost like these programs have created their own ‘mini nations’ with their own set of laws, codes of ethics, nationalism and enforcement.


      • gastr1

        Yet, this is a situation where he’s a mandated reporter to HR per university policies and Title IX laws. That’s why he’s a dumbass, but so dumb that his motives are questionable.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    Blackwell told police. “I was just trying to find out exactly what happened.”

    Who knew that watching all those Remington Steele, Father Dowling, Mrs. Marple, Murder She Wrote, etc. TV shows would lead to an entirely new genre of real-life amateur detectives/assistant football coaches?


  3. Cousin Eddie

    I can see where he asked his players about the incident as he is somewhat held accountable for thier actions as a coach at the University. Not sure unless he was told not to speak with them specifically where that was wrong.

    The players might have said “nothing happened” or she was “cool” with it and they did nothing wrong so he didn’t feel obligated to report anything.

    So before he is executed all the facts should come out, but if he knew something happened that shouldn’t have and he found out and didn’t report it he should serve time in the same cell as his players.


  4. 69Dawg

    Poor guy was the assistant coach whose “other duties as assigned” job description included “investigating” reports of player wrong doing. I hope this gets the assistant coaches a raise if they are expected to committee a crime for good ole FU (not Florida). Don’t kid yourself, there is one of these guys on every staff and every coach/staffer knows it.


  5. mandated reporters is a term that is specifically related to “child molestation/abuse” and this report comes from an apparently knowledgeable party goer not the alleged “adult” victim. So be careful when we use terms that are applicable in one area of the law that may or may not be applicable to a different area of the law. If you read the whole article with hyperlinks ones finds that no charges were warranted against this coach,”Siemon said no charges were warranted against the staff member, who the university identified as Blackwell.” It is NOT a crime to fail to report what may or may not be a crime. We all need to get off our sanctimonious high horses. If he were a “mandated reporter and he didn’t report he would be charged with a crime and so it follows that since the prosecutor has elected NOT to prosecute it follows logically that he is not mandated to do shit …just like any other citizen does have to rat out every kid at school who supplements their income by selling a little pot. Let’s just let the DA do her job and get Universities ,Coaches and Title IX bureaucrats the hell out of sex crime investigations. Anyone who has a son on our current University campuses should be very concerned for the child’s future if they have these untrained “women’s studies” bureaucrats focus on their attention on their son. Let the cops investigate the crimes and end all Title IX crap. I’ll go the other direction who the hell is the dumb ass campus cop who perp walks the coach out of the football offices when ,as the DA’s decision proves, he has not even committed a crime. Someone put me in touch with Coach Blackwell because I don’t think campus cops have the same sovereign immunity regular cops do. If a cop doesn’t personally see a citizen commit a misdemeanor(that is what failure to report is if you are a mandated reporter and you don’t) the cop is suppose to go procure a warrant from a magistrate and not arrest until said warrant is issued. So t appears that there is plenty of dumbassery to go around. MSU might be paying settlement monies to both this young lady and Coach Blackwell.