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“Red zone defense can be one of many things and, hoo, we’re we bad.”

Understatement, Mr. Smart.

“We tried to target that this year. We really emphasized going back to basics.”

Georgia ranked tied for 113th nationally last year in red zone defense, with opponents scoring 90.7 percent of trips from the 20-yard line and in, second worst in the SEC.

“The sad thing is I’ve been a part of defenses that called all the same defenses and were top five in the country,” Smart said.

From 2009-2013 with Smart as defensive coordinator, Alabama ranked second, fourth, first, fourth and fourth in red zone defense before slipping to 72nd in 2014 and 62nd in 2015.

Georgia defensive coordinator Mel Tucker was on staff for that last year in Tuscaloosa as defensive backs coach.

“It’s really more about executing what you call not necessarily changing what you call,” Smart said. “You might need to have a new twist in there or a new wrinkle.”

Georgia ranked third in the nation in red zone defense in 2015 and 29th in 2014 under coordinator Jeremy Pruitt.

“That’s definitely been a focus this spring,” inside linebacker Natrez Patrick said. “When it’s down there, it’s basically mano a mano. Your playbook shortens. There’s only a few plays you can run. You’re not tricking nobody. You’ve just got to win.”

Easier said than done, apparently.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad there’s a big focus on this in the offseason.  Given the enormity of the drop off that occurred in one season from Pruitt to Tucker, it’s obviously necessary.  But I have this nagging feeling, no doubt a hangover from the Richt era, that they’ll work hard enough on this problem to make a major fix, only to let something else slide.  For once, can we have nice things with no strings attached?


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When I blather about student-athletes and the free market…

… this is what I’m talking about.

If it were easy to be a college football player, everybody would be a college football player.  But that’s not the case, as the stats demonstrate.

If you were in the top 6.5% of your profession, what would be fair compensation for that?


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If Steele is bearish on Georgia’s season…

… Pete Fiutak’s an all-in bull.  He’s got the Dawgs second overall in the conference.

2. Georgia

Can Kirby Smart get the job done in his second year at the helm? It’ll all come down to the offensive line that has to be better and rebuilt – at least a little bit – but if that’s in place, look out. The defense has all the pieces to be the star of the East, the 1-2 rushing punch of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel should be in the NFL, and the quarterbacks are going to be excellent – if they get time to work.

Somewhat surprisingly, he’s got Georgia and Florida ahead of every time in the West, except ‘Bama, of course.


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