If Steele is bearish on Georgia’s season…

… Pete Fiutak’s an all-in bull.  He’s got the Dawgs second overall in the conference.

2. Georgia

Can Kirby Smart get the job done in his second year at the helm? It’ll all come down to the offensive line that has to be better and rebuilt – at least a little bit – but if that’s in place, look out. The defense has all the pieces to be the star of the East, the 1-2 rushing punch of Nick Chubb and Sony Michel should be in the NFL, and the quarterbacks are going to be excellent – if they get time to work.

Somewhat surprisingly, he’s got Georgia and Florida ahead of every time in the West, except ‘Bama, of course.



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14 responses to “If Steele is bearish on Georgia’s season…

  1. 3rdandGrantham

    Well all the SECW teams are in the central time zone, so it’s no surprise that he would have UGA and UF ahead of them time wise.

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    • The Georgia Way

      Our 12 noon EDT kickoffs keep us in front of everyone.

      And that’s another Bulldog Point of Pride!



  2. reality check here

    I am neither bullish nor bearish. I am in the wait and see category.

    Georgia has plenty of good experienced athletes and some stars. It is also the second year under a new coach, which I believe is the most important factor.

    So I am hopeful, but I can’t say I am optimistic. UGA looked worse last year than I have seen since the Ray Goff era.

    If Georgia does not win at least 11 games this year including the bowl McGarity should be fired. He fired the coach with the best won/lost record Georgia has ever had. No Georgia fan should tolerate what McGarity did unless we see improvement from the 10 wins Richt consistently produced.

    I would not call for Smart’s firing unless we see a complete meltdown, which I don’t anticipate. But people who made decisions need to be held accountable if they don’t produce and acknowledged if they succeed.


    • Gaskilldawg

      I am with you on the position that if Smart does not accomplish what he is hired to do my ire will be towards the J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics and his 36 hour nationwide search.


    • Russ

      I could see that. Firing McGoof works for me. I think Kirby will probably get it eventually, maybe even this year. I do think the defense will be strong this year. Just hope the coaches let the offense be successful, and not worry so much on imposing our will.


      • Mayor

        ^This. That “imposing your will” BS went out in HS. In college pretty much everybody has big strong guys playing the O-line and to have to have enough of an advantage in that area you basically have to be Bama. Coaches are supposed to maximize players’ abilities not play to their weakness. I’m fine with recruiting bigger and better O-linemen but constantly trying to play smashmouth when you have a finesse O-line is stupid. Even with that, if Kirby doesn’t make end-of-game screw-ups last season that team would have won a minimum of 2 more games and maybe 3 more. The problem isn’t the players. That’s what scares me about this coming season. I don’t think Kirby or Fat-Boy are going to grow a brain during the off-season.


        • Cojones

          Yes. “Imposing your will” is psychologically unsound for the team when it is imposed on us instead of them.


          • southernlawyer11

            Agree with all of ^^this. And my gut tells me we’ll be able to accurately put the predicted ceiling on this season after seeing the first quarter against Appalachian State. It’s either going to the (a) the sky or (b) 8-4. That’s why I, and I suspect many others as well, are so nervous.


  3. Macallanlover

    I think #2 is high but we could get there by season’s end, he isn’t kidding about our defense’s potential to a total shutdown group this fall. Think Steele is smarting from bring let down by UGA in the past, and I understand that, but he is selling this team short with our talent, experience, and schedule. We are definitely one of the Top 4 in the SEC, and the best in the West, how well we finish the season depends on the answers to the offensive questions we have, and how the placekickers do.

    I feel very confident about the kicking outcome, and somewhat confident about the offense. The QB and OL issues (and yeah, Chaney) will determine whether we finish 9-3 and finish mid-teens, or go 11-1 and are in the Top 10 after Thanksgiving. The defense is so good, and there isn’t an offense that looks capable of moving the ball consistently against them.


    • Macallanlover

      Well, hell. I cannot remember whether is was Auburn, or us, that was changing divisions, or time zones. We are best in the East, will find out about the West in Atlanta.


      • reality check here

        Have another scotch Mac


        • Mayor

          I think if Auburn changed divisions as they have stated they want to do, they would still be in the Central Time Zone. I guess I could be wrong about that but…….I don’t think so.


        • Jon Lovitz

          Maybe Auburn should move across the state line and open up in Columbus. Yeah, that’s the ticket!


          • Macallanlover

            Not room for them, remember, “we own this state”. Just be someone else’s little brother if they do move across state lines, we seem to beating them more than Bama has the last decade.