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Thursday nights just got quieter.

And, lo, there was much rejoicing.

Jesse Palmer has agreed to remain with ESPN after being hotly pursued by Fox Sports, sources tell Sporting News.

The college football analyst signed a seven-figure, multiyear contract to remain at ESPN, sources said. His previous contract with the network was set to expire in July.

Sources also said Palmer, the lead analyst for ESPN’s SEC Network, will no longer call games; instead, he is expected to move into the studio full time for halftime and postgame coverage during Saturday games.

I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of those “I’ve got some good news and some bad news” moves by the WWL.


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Been there, seen that.

Since a lot of you claim not to read anything published at the AJ-C, I thought I would give Bill King’s latest post a mention, since it’s a fun read.

Whenever Georgia Bulldogs fans gather, it’s not unusual for the conversation to end up in a discussion of the greatest or most memorable football games they’ve seen in person.

Having gone to UGA games regularly for more than five decades now, I have my own list of games for the ages.

Bill goes on to list his top thirteen Georgia games he’s witnessed in person.  While he started earlier than I did, there’s a fair amount of overlap between his list and what I can come up with.

Taking out his first four, I have these as replacements:  the 1980 Georgia-Florida game (still the greatest); the national title game against Notre Dame that season (yes, Virginia, the Dawgs won a national championship game in my lifetime); the 2002 game at Auburn (cold as hell until Greene and Johnson hooked up in the end zone, at which point nobody noticed the weather anymore); the 2012 SECCG (best game I’ve ever witnessed that Georgia didn’t win).

From here, I’ll turn the discussion over to you guys.  What’s on your personal list?


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Spreading the gospel of the SEC grind

Somewhat surprisingly, here’s a list of the top sixty non-conference schedules for this season in which four SEC teams, including Georgia, crack the top fifteen.  Maybe things are more credible than we’ve given credit for… er, wait.

62. Missouri: Missouri State, Purdue, Idaho, at Connecticut. How the mighty schedulers have fallen. I know I do this every year, but what the heck. Let’s return to the golden days of Mizzou in the 1970s. In 1979, Missouri played Illinois, Ole Miss and Texas. In ’78, Notre Dame, Alabama, Ole Miss and Illinois. In ’77, Southern Cal, Illinois, California and Arizona State. In ’76, Southern Cal, Illinois, Ohio State and North Carolina. In ’75, Alabama, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. You get the picture. All the while a member of an eight-team Big Eight that was far superior to Mizzou’s current seven-team SEC East.

It always seems like the recently converted embrace religion more fervently than those who grew up in the faith, doesn’t it?


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“I’m not stopping for anybody.”

Is the NCAA sensible enough to ignore a USF kicking specialist making a few bucks on YouTube? I have my doubts.

Maybe we should ask Stacey Osburn.


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Withstanding the test of time

What’s striking about these hot seat posts you read about this year’s group of SEC coaches is that so many of them seem to be sitting on one, despite the fact that only two have more than five years of service at their current schools (and neither of them have warm derrières).

At four million a year (at least), considering buyout expense and what it usually costs to bring in the next guy, that’s an expensive way to seek short-term gratification.  Good thing the conference is chock full of sharp athletic directors and presidents.


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It won’t be a thing until Montana says so.

Interesting lede, to say the least…

As its coaches work to build a national brand, it’s no surprise to see the Georgia Bulldogs taking shots at landing top prospects from the West Coast.

Building a national brand?  Has anyone told Stewart Mandel?


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Ole Miss learns that the Internet can be a cruel place.


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