Been there, seen that.

Since a lot of you claim not to read anything published at the AJ-C, I thought I would give Bill King’s latest post a mention, since it’s a fun read.

Whenever Georgia Bulldogs fans gather, it’s not unusual for the conversation to end up in a discussion of the greatest or most memorable football games they’ve seen in person.

Having gone to UGA games regularly for more than five decades now, I have my own list of games for the ages.

Bill goes on to list his top thirteen Georgia games he’s witnessed in person.  While he started earlier than I did, there’s a fair amount of overlap between his list and what I can come up with.

Taking out his first four, I have these as replacements:  the 1980 Georgia-Florida game (still the greatest); the national title game against Notre Dame that season (yes, Virginia, the Dawgs won a national championship game in my lifetime); the 2002 game at Auburn (cold as hell until Greene and Johnson hooked up in the end zone, at which point nobody noticed the weather anymore); the 2012 SECCG (best game I’ve ever witnessed that Georgia didn’t win).

From here, I’ll turn the discussion over to you guys.  What’s on your personal list?



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  1. Aladawg

    Auburn blackout. Loudest Sanford has ever been So. Car. 1980 and that “angle”


    • 83Dawg

      “Cold” at Auburn was the 1990 7:30 ESPN game.

      That game started out with the smallest crowd I have ever personally seen at Auburn, and, as the wind kept blowing, it kept getting smaller. The UGA section in the end zone was only about half full to start with.

      Joe Dupree (the QB) running the ball was the only thing slightly warm about that game…


    • Captain Obvious

      My Last: the UGA – BAMA Blackout.


  2. Georgia-Clemson 1984 – still the loudest I’ve ever heard Sanford
    Georgia-Auburn 1992 – one of the few times “One Play Away” Ray had things go his way
    Georgia-Florida 1997 – the last time I saw a Georgia win in Jacksonville
    Georgia-FSU 2003 – I was going to New Orleans. I didn’t care what it took. I spent my own frequent flier miles for a friend to fly with me.
    Georgia-Auburn 2003 – when Odell took it to the house, I get our Auburn demon was officially exorcised
    Georgia-LSU 2004 – one of the few times Nick Saban has been handed his head on a platter. The crowd was nuts.
    Georgia-Auburn 2007 – Athens looked like a preppy Goth convention. The 2nd loudest to me.
    Georgia-LSU 2013 – Murray vs. Mett and Murray came out on top again.

    A couple of honorable mentions:
    Georgia-Auburn 1981 – an SEC championship in my first game between the hedges
    Georgia-Baylor 1989 – the game? Who cares. It was the my first date with the Georgia co-ed who would become my wife 3 years later.


  3. Mattr

    2013 GA v. LSU. When Murray hit that last touchdown…grown men wept!

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  4. No Axe To Grind

    The game in the late seventies, 77 or 78, as I recall, when Dooly’s team made a comeback late in the game against Pepper Rogers Tech team on an end around reverse. It’s been a long time ago. If I remember correctly, the kid from Valdosta debuted in that game after UGA was 20 or so points down to Tech late in the first half. I may not recall everything correctly.

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    • 1978 – Dooley said it was the best spectator game he was ever associated with


    • Doiknowu

      Yep, down 20. A Woerner punt return (or was it an INT?) gave us the lead. Tech returned the ensuing KO for the go-ahead TD. It took a 4th-down TD pass to Amp Arnold in the final 2 minutes, plus a second attempt for 2 points to give us the lead. Then we had to hold off a furious Tech final drive. My all-time fave at Sanford.

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      • 81Dog

        Punt return by Woerner. Then a KO return by Drew Hill. What a game.


        • one of my favorite abuse tactician stories:
          2nd year in law school and my girlfriend was living in the ATL and I stupidly decided to sell my student tickets to this game to visit her in Atlanta. When I mentioned I thought I’d screwed up she said let me see if I can find us some tickets in her apartment complex. To make a long story short she procured Al Ceraldo’s guest tickets in the middle of the Tech alumni section of Samford stadium. I was being my normal obnoxius,drunken dawg fan self and the wife of one of the Tech Alums screwed up the courage to say the following to my drunken ass: “young man there are 4 Tech men (they were actually little nerds but that is redundant) setting in front of me who are very offended by how your behaving and what you are saying about their school” To which I responded,”you know lady I can tell they’re Tech men because they don’t have dates” Her husband advised her to leave me alone.
          That run pass option/broken play that Belue threw to Arnold occurred directly in front of where we were sitting…….the world was spinning in it’s properly greased groove .


  5. JD

    I was at a few of those mentioned in the article and they definitely belong.
    Best for me not mentioned…
    “Between the Hoses” @ Auburn in ’86.

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  6. DC Weez

    All of these are great. The lists should not be complete without the Appleby to Washington game.

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      • I threw a recently refilled bourbon and coke directly into the air when Washington caught that ball and either no one noticed or I was so drunk and scary looking that no one said s**t. Either way that was Dooley ball at its best… stay close until the end and than find away.
        Recently saw a picture of my date to that game and it reminded of how totally spoiled boys are in undergraduate school , I knew she was pretty but at that point in my life I thought 9’s grew on trees and had no appreciation for what a lucky smuck I was . Kathy Sue Loudermilk where are you?


  7. MDDawg

    The OT win in Tuscaloosa, 2007. Went there with an old navy buddy who’s a Bama fan.
    The 2012 SEC CG. Went there with that same friend. Needless to say, he was much happier with the outcome of this game than he was at the previous one.

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    • Georgia shuts out the state of Alabama in 1976 when we won the SEC with Ray Goff at quarterback. The Bear was humiliated 21-0 (It could have been worse!) and Kevin McLee ran all over Auburn at Auburn 28-0. Cowboy and Moon Pie. The east end zone was still open. People climbed into trees to watch the Alabama game. Old games like these fade in memories as time passes but they were absolute classics! Been a season ticket holder for 41 years. I was there for Buck to Lindsey and in New Orleans for the National Championship and everyone Bill King mentions but these two games in 1976 paved the way.

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  8. mwo

    Jim Donnan’s first game as coach- southern miss maybe? That was the first season I had season tickets. SECCG in 2002, I thought the dome exploded when that punt was blocked. Auburn in 2002, the guy who drove was an auburn fan. He left the stadium when Greene hit Johnson, we were convinced we would have to walk back to Athens. End zone dance game in 2007. My wife was on a cruise and I took our daughters, then 4 and 11. After that celebration I told them we would probably have to fight our way out.

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    • 3rdandGrantham

      I remember that ’96 Southern Miss game like it was yesterday, as it was my first game as a UGA student. Unfortunately it was horrible — lost something like 11-7. That entire season was just awful, both in terms of the W-L record and the home games itself. Two weeks later an 0-2 UGA team had to come back to beat Texas Tech in an utter downpour — there literally were about 30K in the stands at the end of that one.

      Later in the season was the most boring/quietest I’ve ever hear Sanford — a 13-2 win over Vandy in which absolutely nothing exciting happened. 65K at most in attendance for that one, followed finally by the loss at home to Ole Miss and AU. At least we beat GT to close out the season at home.


      • Bogart Double Dawg

        We beat Auburn that year in one of the greatest OT games ever. That was a hell of a comeback. Also was the game UGA V tied to take out AUs Bake. Great game, but it was at AU.


  9. DoubleDawg1318

    My list will be more recent due to age but….
    2014 Clemson: Might be my favorite game ever. If you like domination through running the football, this was the game for you.
    2013 LSU: The loudest I have ever heard Sanford.
    2011-2012 Florida games: I think there is no greater thrill than walking out of Everbank with a win.
    2013: USCe: Gets overshadowed by LSU but this was a great game in its own right; especially the 8 minute drive to end it.
    2014 Auburn: Unexpected domination of one of our most hated opponents in an upset win.
    2009 USCe: First game as a student. Will never forget Branden Smith’s 60 yd end-around TD.
    2012 MIzzou: Really fun trip with my buddies and the Dawgs ran away with it at the end.
    Honorable mention 2012 Auburn: I sat in the Auburn student section while the Dawgs shut out Auburn 38-0.
    I didn’t see the 2012 SEC Championship in person but that might be the greatest football game I have ever seen.

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  10. SlawDawg

    2009 vs. Tech will always be special to me even though it didn’t amount to much in the national picture. Beating Tech is always the icing on a season, but just the sheer arrogance of those fans at Grant Field before the game compared to their shame after “we ran(sic) this state” up their whatchamacallit for 4 quarters. Also happy to see a number of their fans escorted out after throwing drinks at the band. Also amused that so many of the event staff at Tech gave me a “go dawgs”.

    2012 vs. Florida takes my top spot. Shawn Williams gave them the whole “man enough” treatment the week prior. And I really wish we had Jarvis Jones for 3 years…

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  11. Griff

    I agree with all of the above. Would add:
    Clemson in 80 when Woerner saved us
    Hobnail boot in 01

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  12. Dawglicious

    ’90 Bama, my first game as a student. “CARSWELL SAVED OUR FANNY!”
    ’91 Clemson, night game. Looooong day tailgating. Had to carry my date out of the stadium after Mike Jones stripped the ball
    ’93 Bama: best game I ever saw that Dawgs lost. In T-town. Zeier hit a tight end in the stomach with a game clinching first down pass and we dropped it. In Bammer student section 2nd row when Proctor nailed the winning field goal. It rained bourbon on us and likker bottles in the end zone
    ’00 Tennessee. Met my future wife at this one
    ’00 Awburn: Bus trip from Atlanta, ate too much Sprayberry’s for post game munchies. Future wife took care of me, knew she was a keeper
    ’01 Hobnail boot. Best thing I ever saw live
    ’02 SEC champ vs Arky. That was fun soaking it up after game was over. My buddy got an arky cheerleader’s number

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  13. Snoop Dawgy Dawg

    I’m 33, so my mature awareness of UGA football starts around the time Donnan was cussing an old lady on the call in show and the arrival of Richt.

    How the 2007 UGA-UF game in Jacksonville hasn’t made the list yet, I don’t know. That game was about as much fun as I”ve ever had watching the Dawgs play. Putting that big win against UF, against Meyer, with the whole team descending on the endzone to celebrate the touchdown, to the timeless clip of Trinton Sturdivant dancing in the endzone.

    Also, like your ’12 SECCG memory of a loss, the 2005 Auburn game in Athens was an incredible game, that hinged on a concussion, a last second score and loss to Auburn. If it weren’t for the Bush Push later that day, this would have been the game of the week, if not season. In seasons of what could have been if we didn’t have cursed luck, we lose to UF when Shockley goes down with a sprained ankle. We lose to Auburn because Tra Battle doesn’t know what state he’s in on the biggest play of the game, allowing the big pass, PO’s amazing tackle, and a field goal as time expires to lose. That should have been a National Title team.

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  14. Godawg

    Of course, UGA v FL in ’80
    ’81 Sugar Bowl
    ’84 Clemson
    ’01 @ TN
    ’02 @ AU
    were all good ones where I was in the stands. Probably P44 Haynes in “01 happening in the end zone right in front of me was the most thrilling. Just happened to sit next to Scott Howard and we laughed our asses off at the reaction of the TN fans. Their total disbelief and immediate animosity towards Phil Fulmer. I knew that game would come back to bite us one day and I guess that day was the 2016 Hail Mary in Athens. Tomorrow’s a new day!

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  15. Go Dawgs!

    I hate to say it, but last year’s Tennessee game probably goes on my list next to the 2012 SEC Championship Game as the best games I’ve ever attended which Georgia lost.


  16. AusDawg85

    I’ll never forget the greatest UGA game ever. It was in…uh…let’s see…what year? Anyway, we had this one play late in the game when…hmmmm…our QB…no wait, it was the RB…he…well. Damn. Can’t remember sh*t anymore.

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  17. southernlawyer11

    [I’m 35yrs old and from out-of-state. My fandom started in Fall 2000 during Donnan’s last year]

    Great games in person:
    01′ – hobnail boot (sat with a cousin in UT student section) front row
    02′ – Auburn (god it was cold)
    03′- UT beatdown. Sean Jones running all the way. SEAN JONES. God we pants’d them so hard.
    05′- Boise State. Remember the upset predictions ? One word: Shockley
    13′ South Carolina. I picked this game to go to instead of LSU. Worthy consolation prize. Weren’t we coming off like a 3-4 game losing streak to them ?

    Wow, seems like a huge gap. I try to get to a game (home or road) every year. Some even two. My problem is I’ve hit some total nightmare games in there too. (Bama, 07’UT beating, etc)

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    • Otto

      40 here, parents were season ticket holders under Goff. I witnessed the last of Dooley and the beginning of Donnan.

      I was at UT ’92-’94, ’04 and ’06. I can thank the Auburn side for Auburn @ UT in ’09 which broke the curse. I have since made it to UT ’10 and ’13.

      UT ’13 was likely the saddest win. It was an exciting game but you just knew the injuries would limit the team.

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    • Otto

      Looking back ’13 S. Carolina was the Clowney game and the clock killing driving in the 4th, possibly Bobo’s greatest masterpiece (yes regular posters know I’m not exactly a fan but he had an awesome day). I was at the game in my Uncle’s seats as he passed on the game due to September heat. I was looking for ticket to take the girl who I was dating to her 1st game and had asked him to let me know if he ran across any tickets. She had to pass due to work but made the trip to Knoxville later that year.

      The friend who did go to the game with me and I were expecting the defense to have to step up for some last minute stand which seemed typical for that game. It never happened and we just sat in amazement and joy thinking this year could be very special.

      I took another friend to his 1st game with the trip down to Auburn ’13. He hasn’t been to another game with me. ’13 S.Car, UT, and Auburn were all amazing games for their own good and bad reasons.


  18. Scorpio Jones, III

    Sheesh…you whipper snappers…

    57-Tech-Georgia: Theron Sapp and the breaking of the drought.

    59-Georgia-Auburn…For the SEC Championship and a trip to the Orange Bowl Charlie Britt punt return, we block our own punt, Tarkenton to Herron and Durward Pennington for the win.

    1965-Georgia-Bama…The flea flicker. Sitting on the back row of the bleachers in the North stands, when Hodgson lateraled to Bullet Bob, a guy sitting down the row from me jumped over the back of the stands (five or six feet off the ground) and ran, screaming and waving his arms toward the dorms. Some said it was a bad call…fuck em and their fake news.

    1965: The race to the airport to meet the team coming back from beating Michigan….APD gave up, they were out of it, they gave up.

    1983: What time is it in Dallas? Herschel Who?

    See, when you don’t win every damn game every damn year, the big ones are easier to remember.

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    • Scorpio Jones, III


    • Otto

      Amazing list there. I love Patrick Garbin’s blog for writing on games like these for us youngsters.

      My Uncle was at ’83 Dallas, I had a button and other things from the game. A somewhat forgotten but big win.

      ’65 Bama was a big upset. My Uncle may have made that one as it was likely his Senior year at UGA.


  19. Granthams replacement

    One not mentioned yet – 98 LSU 28-27, the peak of Donnans time at UGA. Friday night on Bourbon st., 7 pm kickoff and meeting some UGA fans with a case of makers mark specially labeled “Georgia vs LSU” made for a great road trip.

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    • Normaltown Mike

      yeah, but that game ended up being fool’s gold. We left thinking we had an amazing freshman QB and had upset a great LSU team. Neither were true.

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    • My choice for all-time great road win. At night in Death Valley. Grown-ass men were literally in tears on the Red Stick radio call-in show we listened to during the endless traffic jam out of town.


  20. CB

    07 Auburn. Haven’t seen it listed yet. Opponent was a little over-hyped IMO, but those black jerseys put it over the top. I’m only 30, but that’s the craziest I’ve ever seen Sanford, and I was also at the Tennessee game where we rushed the field and tore down the goal posts in 2000.


  21. Rampdawg

    I was at a lot of these games. I was on the tracks for the78 Tech comeback. At halftime a yechie came walking through thetrack people talking big shit. 3 large Dawg fans lifted him up and threw him off the back of the tracks down into the graveyard. We thought he was dead. After a few minutes he got up and walked away.
    A game that was pure frustration and dejection for 59 game minutes that turned into complete and sobering elation was the 84 Cotton Bowl vs. Texas. Lastinger you’ll always be a DGD.

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  22. PTC DAWG

    No particular order..

    Q Dawg party in Baton Rouge…

    1997 UGA UF game

    1976 Bama game in Athens

    UGA vs GT. Wasn’t it 44-0?

    Same shitty stadium, Goff’s team took it to them, fights, etc..didn’t Ray go for 2 late?

    We lost, but UGA vs Penn St…Sugar Bowl…

    UGA vs LSU in the Dome..Shockdawg had it going on…


  23. I've Stopped Caring

    A win, Florida 1980. I was 15 years old. My first WLOCP. Was seated next to the Redcoats. Game started out and the Gators seemed surprised at how fast Herschel got to the corner and we seemed clearly superior. To their credit, Florida adjusted defensively and had break out games from their freshmen QB, Chris Collingsworth and a guy named Tyrone Young that you never heard from again. I can still recall the angle that I had seeing Collingsworth catch a perfectly thrown ball over Scott Woerner, a great player, for the score to put UF up 21-20. I recall the feeling in the back of my throat that they, THEY, had upset us. We get a stop. Well placed punt. Third and 8. Lindsay running right in front of us. Everything seemed like it was in slow motion. Bedlam. Gators get it back and throw a pick. Loud speaker announces Notre Dame -Tech score pausing about 10 seconds between “Notre Dame 3………..Georgia Tech…….3”, We were parked in the baseball park and about an hour after the game I walked right through an open gate right onto the field with the stadium totally empty. Bit of tape, paper, shoelaces on the field. Remember leaving and a very drunk Ducky Wall of Albany’s WALB running along the side of our car.

    A loss. 1987 LSU in Sanford. I was a student at UGA then. LSU was one of the best teams in the country and we were damn good too. One of Dooley’s last pushes for a championship before he retired. LSU, high powered O, Tommy Hodson. The get up on us pretty good. Defense starts making plays. We’re loaded at running back, but this day it becomes clear that freshman Rodney Hampton is the class of them. Coolest double reverse pass in the history of American football dropped by John Thomas on the goal line. LAte in the game, we’re down 26-23 and driving. Big yards each play. LSU is tired. Quick out to Hampton bounces off his hands. LSU CB grabs it off his shoetops. Heartbreak. If you ever watch the Tom Cruise classic “Cocktail” again, this game is playing in the background of bar scene in it about halfway through.

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    • Ole Dokes

      I’ve Stopped…don’t care for your pessimistic moniker, but I get your frustration. Your words are spot on; great prose & perspective. Well done my man. True Dawg fan right here folks…


  24. Nacodawg

    2013 Georgia Tech. Gurley wins it for us in double OT with 3 carries.


    • If Murray doesn’t get hurt the week before, this would have ended up as an @$$-whipping for the ages. Murray played some of his best games against the Trade School, and there’s no way we fall behind them like we did with Mason in his first start.


  25. Athens Dog

    The ’78 tech game was my last as a student. It have more twists, turns and comebacks than anything I’ve ever seen.

    Most memorable was ’74 tech game in Athens. My mom dropped us off. My then 11 year old brother Pat stomped through every puddle on the way in. It was cold, cold, cold and rainy. He started crying about going home in the first quarter. I was a Jr. in high school so I was able to hold off till second quarter. My older brother, held off till halftime because he was a college student.

    My Dad had NEVER left a game early. Win or lose. tech was beating the snot out of us: it was miserable, getting colder and wetter; we finally left halfway through the fourth quarter. I’ve never gotten over hating those nerds.

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    • HoleDiggingMutt

      While the 78 Tech Game is the best game I’ve ever seen, a personal favorite I haven’t seen mentioned yet was the 1980 game at UT – I was there in the upper deck when Herschel ran over Bill Bates and I can remember every detail as if it were yesterday. After the play and after the UGA fans calmed down just a bit, there was a murmuring of sorts throughout both sets of fans of “Did you see THAT?”. And for those who forget, UT totally dominated us in that game, was leading 15-0 mid-way through the 3rd quarter and had just forced us to punt. We tackled their punt returner around their 20 and forced a fumble that got eventually got batted all the way out the back of the end zone for a safety (we should have recovered it for a TD). Score is 15-2. The safety kick-off led to the shorter field, which led to a Herschel TD, which turned a game that was going to be 15-0 and UT with the ball into a 15-9 UT lead and us having all the momentum in the world. Herschel scored the next time we had the ball to make it 16-15, BUT, UT drove down for the win and with less than two minutes left Nate Taylor (I think) forced a fumble that we recovered on our own one or two. Still more drama though as the next three plays maybe got us out to the three. We punted from our own end zone and the punter (Jim Broadway maybe?) boomed a great kick and UT got the ball at around the 50. We held them 4 straight plays for the win.

      One more thought. Remind yourself that in 1980 there were no in stadium replays, ESPN was in its infancy, and the game was not televised, so the only way to see the Herschel/Bates run was on the local sports report or the Vince Dooley show, which I made a point to watch the next day.

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    • Spike

      Athens Dog..we were there for the 78 tech game. I was sitting with “Julio” Camp and our good friend Jim Beam. One of the greatest games I ever saw in person. Also the 2000 Outback Bowl comeback was a classic. The SEC Championship game where we beat the snot out of Arkansas and the SEC game against LSU.. Good times.


  26. Thatguy

    1994 – 1st game BtH. UGA vs GTU. GTU is getting pounded, finishing out a 1-10 slate. I’m 14, there with a friend of mine who is also 14, his dad, and a friend of his dad. We’re down low on the visitor sideline, near the Yech cheerleaders, and have been giving the GTU ‘faithful’ an earfull all game. Post-game, a middle-aged Techie decides he’s had enough of our collective mouth, and steps towards our group. My friend and I step forward, and the nerd retreats in the face of our adolescent manliness. Typical Tech ‘fan’.

    2002 – UGA/GTU. What my friends and I have long referred to as the ‘BOOOOOOO’ game. Somewhere in the 3rd quarter, whenever the refs gifted GTU their lone score, we began booing whenever the refs threw a flag. Then any whistle for any reason. Then whenever the god-damned TV guy came onto the field to extend the telecast. Then just about anything. By the end of the game, we had most of the student section booing with us. Good times.

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  27. TimberRidgeDawg

    76 Bama will forever be my benchmark for craziest football weekend I ever witnessed in Athens. Not so much the game we dominated but for the insanity that built up during the week and the celebration immediately after. Traffic stopped dead on Milledge, people out of their cars in the streets dancing and celebrating. Beer everywhere you looked. A different era, it couldn’t happen today and probably for good reason.

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    • Athens Dog

      We started having band parties on Wednesday night. Eli at the KA house that Saturday night was still one of the greatest


      • mwo

        Saw Eli several times. I sa their website a couple of years ago. Still playing and Cookie is still the front man.


      • just sayin

        Yeah, that was a great party enjoyed from the rooftop next door while shooting fireworks your way. Was that the night of the brawl between the houses?


  28. Alcoholic Genius

    I was born at he 1979 GA-FL game. Not literally. Spiritually. My brothers convinced me to go to my first – – and for that I will forever be thankful. That is why the very next year I was at the absolute greatest – – 1980 GA-FL, which convinced me Gawd be a Dawg! Miracle! I gave up. You did too. They won it for my momma. Boy was there some property destroyed that night. Statistically, about time we are due for some more miracles. DAWGS!


  29. Greatest UGA Games
    I witnessed live

    1996 Texas Tech rain game: my favorite game I attended as a student. We were losing at half time in a downpour but I stuck it out and got to enjoy a 10-9 comeback.

    2012 Capitol One Bowl vs. Nebraska: after the heartbreaker in the SEC title game, I was able to go with my 9 year old son and my best friend from high school to the consolation prize. After a nice 14 point win, we went and nearly put the Boston Lobster Feast restaurant out of business.

    2012 Auburn blowout on the Plains: my son and I got upper deck corner tickets on the Auburn side where I had a nice argument with an Auburn lady about the firehose game. Luckily, so many Tiger fans left at half time, I got to watch the second half on the 50 yard line right behind the Georgia bench.

    1998 South Carolina Kirby destroys Taneyhill game: I was recovering from a broken leg suffered in a wrestling match, so I got to sit in the wheelchair section in front of the west end zone stands. From that position I was able to see the seas part multiple times as Kirby Smart came free time and again on safety blitzes to nearly murder Steve Taneyhiill. I almost felt sorry for Taneyhiill. Almost.

    1999 LSU last second deflection: this was my first game back after graduating, so it was my first game not sitting in the more raucous student section. While not a great game, the heart stopping finish had me dropping f-bombs of joy while thoroughly offending many of the Hartman donors around me. I have since learned proper etiquette for areas outside the student section.

    2002 Tennessee game – “tearing up the hedges”: this was the first game my wife and I attended after we got married. The year before was the glorious P-44 Haynes game. The 2002 tilt was another exciting 1 possession game, but the win was overshadowed for me when the students destroyed the hedges while trying to rush the field. On the ride home, I remember having to explain to my wife why destroying our own hedges didn’t sit well with me and prevented me from truly enjoying the win.

    2005 Boise blowout: I love it when The Dawgs destroy a media narrative. (see also Sugar Bowl vs. Hawaii and 2007 “man enough” Alabama game)

    2015 Half hundred on spurrier
    I was a freshman in the student section when Spurrier’s Gators hung half a hundred on the Dawgs in Sanford. So, it was very satisfying to return the favor and basically retire the old lovable bastard mid season. Not to mention Lambert’s games for the ages.

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  30. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    My #1 is the Sugar Bowl game against Notre Dame in 1981 to clinch the national championship.

    And for a 12-year-old small town Georgia boy, the French Quarter on New Years Eve was every bit as memorable as the game. I walked around wide-eyed, as my knowledge of worldly things greatly expanded over the course of the evening.


  31. Hal Welch

    The 2012 SEC CG is perhaps the best football game I’ve ever watched regardless of teams, level, or rooting interest. Even in a loss that night I can say I was damn proud of that team.


  32. Russ

    Some of the best I saw in person:
    – Dawgs winning the MNC over Notre Dame, of course.
    – 1979 Dawgs beat a good LSU team with Alexander the Great. My first game of import as a UGA student. Great atmosphere and we stayed in the stands partying for an hour after the game.
    – 1983 Cotton Bowl. It will always be 8:50 (10-9) in Dallas.
    – 2007 Gator Bowl and the stomp
    – 98 LSU game with Quincy as a freshman
    – Whipping the Gators 44-0 in 82
    – Whipping the Gator 24-3 in 85 (“four whole days!”)
    – Several from 1980, Woerner saves us against Clemson, Herschel’s first demonstration of speed against TAMU, Pissed-off Herschel against Vandy, Herschel outrunning George Rogers and Sackerlina.
    -82 at Auburn with the Sugar falling from the sky
    – Pulpwood running over Alabama in Birmingham (1988?)


  33. All great memories but I’m surprised I haven’t seen 97 GA/Fla mentioned more often. Totally unexpected ,hadn’t beaten them in years but beat them by 20 when they were favored by 20. Hines Ward made what had to be one of the greatest blocks of all times,taking out two Gators so Edwards could tip toe down the sideline.My son who recently graduated from UGA literally watched the tape of that game so often he committed it to memory. I went down after that game(translate that as got sick as a dawg) but my job as abuse tactician was filled admirably by others on this blog.


  34. Max Feild

    Only been going to games since 2013 so the list is very young
    1. UGA-Clemson 2014
    2. UGA-Auburn 2016
    3. UGA-UNC 2016
    4. UGA-South Carolina 2015
    5. UGA-Tennessee 2016 (the one loss on my list)