Thursday nights just got quieter.

And, lo, there was much rejoicing.

Jesse Palmer has agreed to remain with ESPN after being hotly pursued by Fox Sports, sources tell Sporting News.

The college football analyst signed a seven-figure, multiyear contract to remain at ESPN, sources said. His previous contract with the network was set to expire in July.

Sources also said Palmer, the lead analyst for ESPN’s SEC Network, will no longer call games; instead, he is expected to move into the studio full time for halftime and postgame coverage during Saturday games.

I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of those “I’ve got some good news and some bad news” moves by the WWL.



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24 responses to “Thursday nights just got quieter.

  1. 202dawg

    “Palmer will be replaced by Beth Mowins.”

    You were saying?


  2. Go Dawgs!

    “The sticking point in negotiations didn’t involve money or potential broadcast assignments; rather, the impasse had to do with the size of Palmer’s tie knot. ESPN finally gave in to his demands and in 2017, Palmer will be allowed to wear an even thicker tie knot that will cause his tie to end at chest level.”

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  3. AusDawg85

    Looking forward to hitting the mute button on Tim “MY NORMAL VOICE IS A SCREAM” Tebow.


  4. Palmer (much like Pollack) never seemed comfortable in the booth. They both do much better in the studio.


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    I know this won’t be a popular opinion here, given he’s a Gator and is an unabashed metro-sexual type, but I’ve always thought he was a pretty good commentator overall; certainly better than most others out there. With said, occasionally he’d go overboard and yap about things totally unrelated to football — like a few years ago during (I believe) The Pinstripe Bowl, in which he went on and on about the great meal he had at some Manhattan restaurant the night before. He honestly was like, “the lamb leg with burgundy reduction sauce at Per Se is incredible — you need to check it out.”


    • Uglydawg

      Sometimes I hate Palmer, and sometimes I feel he is doing a pretty good job of bringing his co-announcer back to reality. KInd of like Granny Holtz. Granny would annoy us to the point of muting the set, only to make a brilliant point that the other “know it alls” were completely missing.
      Todd Blackledge now outclasses all the other talkers in college football.
      I hope we see him eating in some Athens establishments later this year.

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      • I love Blackledge. He and Brad Nessler were the best pair. Hopefully, CBS can convince him to come back and dump Danielson.


        • 3rdandGrantham

          See, I really like Danielson too — one of the very best in the business. His main problem is that he’s prickly and not exactly warm and fuzzy.


          • 3&G, I have no problem with Danielson’s analysis other than his bias. Just delete the “ly” to the end of your 2nd sentence, and you get my opinion of him. To me, he has never embraced the SEC outside of Saban and Meyer. He can go back to calling B1G games for all I care.


            • Count me among those who are tired of listening to Danielson on Saturday’s at 3:30. I would rather have Palmer as the color guy on CBS. At least he knows the SEC. But yeah, Blackledge is the best in the biz now.

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              • Mayor

                My problem with Palmer is his obvious Gator bias. It went underground a little for a while because they weren’t very good for a while but if they ever get good again he will be totally insurrerable.

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        • DoubleDawg1318

          Love Blackledge and Nessler! The best in the business.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Palmer’s always metro-cheesy, but as you say he was ok for some insight at times.

      What I hated is when he and Pollock were in the booth together cuz he stepped all over DP like he’s the big shot when we all know DP eats JP’s lunch.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        Well, as a TV personality and analyst, I hate to say it but Palmer totally runs buckshot over Pollock and completely outclasses him, so I have no problem with him acting like an alpha dog or whatever.


  6. Uglydawg

    And pre-announcing Beth M doing SEC games would certainly help season ticket sales.

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  7. sniffer

    What would the good news be?


  8. MGW

    All these guys are about the same now anyways. They’ll never just call the game in front of them; got to explain to you why they think some team should be number one or some guy’s heisman hype or whatever. Its annoying as hell.

    “We’ll get back to the game in a minute, but first here’s why I disagree with some other guy’s top five week 2 Heisman finalists.”



    All I have against Blackledge is that he beat us in a bowl game.


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