At least there’s one.

If I told you that Georgia had one player make the Southeastern Conference football information directors’ list of the league’s best players by position and overall, who would you guess that is?



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  1. I won’t give it away, but that is some serious holding by that Bama player.


  2. Macallanlover

    The only non-debatable choices were the kickers, Scott and Carlson. Man, does Scott look like Ray Guy as he holds that finish. ST’s priority needs to be raised at UGA and I am encouraged about the new kicker this fall, and the combo kicker we have committed for next season.


  3. Without looking first, it ought to be Trent Thompson.


  4. ok , I’ll be a homer. I don’t swap our tailbacks with anyone. Those guys are the total package strength ,speed,vision and experience in the system. You don’t have to blow huge holes in the line just give em a crease.


    • Macallanlover

      Those aren’t just homer observations mewoof, anyone would be hard pressed to find better RBs than we have…especially the top 2. But neither is likely to roll up the stats other will, it is one of the reasons both came back; they knew they would not be abused at UGA, reps will be split between four, imo. They have nothing to prove, show some versatility, don’t get hurt, and move that draft stock forward. Damn good men, hope for the best.


  5. TC405

    I would’ve guessed Carter.