How does that saying about history go?

I know I’m dating myself a little with this, but for all the gnashing of teeth we do about the current occupant of the athletic director’s chair at Georgia, as well as the president who hired him, it’s worth remembering that before his tussle with Michael Adams, the latter part of Vince Dooley’s tenure as AD wasn’t exactly sitting well with the fan base.  During the mid-90s, a significant chunk of the fan base was ready to run Dooley out of town due to a bad track record of hires and fires, most notably with regard to Ray Goff’s stint as head coach.

As to that, the straw the broke the camel’s back was Dooley’s decision to bring Goff back for the 1995 season with one of those this-year-or-else mandates that quickly became known publicly.  It was something that didn’t sit well with Goff’s players or the fan base, and it ended with Goff’s firing before the Tech game, followed by a mad scramble to hire a replacement that ended with Jim Donnan.

Which is why I find this highly amusing.

Dooley said he thought McGarity found himself at odds with a faction of the fan base when he fired Mark Richt at the end of 2015 football season.

“He had to make to real tough decision in changing coaches,” Dooley said. “Mark Richt, I hired him and, well, you have this loyalty when you hire someone that you’re going to go the extra mile. If I’d have been the athletic director, I probably would have sat down with Mark and said ‘next year is very important,’ and I probably would’ve gone another year with him.”

I wonder how those two “probably”s would have stood up to boosters screaming about Kirby Smart interviewing for the South Carolina job.  Probably not too well.  Oh, and speaking of Smart,

That said, Dooley very much likes what happened after that. He’s a big fan of Kirby Smart and believes “he’s going to be a very successful coach.”

“He’s got a great background,” Dooley said. “He knows what it takes in this league. He’s a Georgia man. He played here but then he had his training under a guy who is a proven success in Nick Saban. He’s got a good staff and the recruiting has been great. So I really think that the future is really bright.”

This is your father’s Georgia Way.  Yours, too.



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9 responses to “How does that saying about history go?

  1. HVL Dawg

    What does he know? He’s an Auburn man.


  2. Vince

    Aah said all those niiice things.

    Can aah have mah Nodah Dame tickets, now?


  3. Bright Idea

    How long will Towers and the AJ-C milk Richt’s firing for click bait? It also leads 680 into the same discussion because all that crew does is rehash the AJ-C. After 18 months is anyone’s opinion on it really newsworthy? It just seems strange to continue reading anything about Richt in the DawgNation file. He was a huge part of UGA history but now he’s just that, history. No matter how Kirby does, after 15 years in the same spot Richt was on borrowed time and he knew it. Also the biggest similarity between Dooley and now was Dooley’s frugality which in that era was a huge asset. He did not have the resources that McGarity enjoys. I also believe that if Dooley had made no effort to keep Adams in check in the beginning of his tenure as president the athletic dept. would have been broke. For that alone he deserves a lot of credit.

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    • HVL Dawg

      I forgot that Dooley had a couple of dust ups with Adams so thanks for reminding me. At that time I was newly married, starting a career, living in Florida, and Al Gore hadn’t quite finished the internet, so I wasn’t following closely.


  4. Greg

    HA!….I forgot about the Goff until now. He may have been wrong with that one, but I agree with him on Richt. He should have had at least another year. I still wonder how his recruiting class would have ended up (#3 nationally at the time of firing).

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    • Uglydawg

      This is a little off subject, but since you mention the “what if” of CMR at UGA, I got to wondering if there have been any other similar situations in the SEC…where the fans were divided over the firing of a very popular and successful coach. I tried to remember why Houston Nutt was fired at Arkansas. (hint…CNH didn’t have a motorcycle accident, just a very nosy Hog fan) and the fan base’s reaction. I came across this. College football can get crazy.


    • The Dawg abides

      Number three, really? Why haven’t you told us that before?


    • I’m still not sure what the recruiting ranking in November has to do with where it ended up in February. If I remember correctly (and I admit I may not), Kirby pretty much held together the class that the previous staff was putting together. He got a couple of guys to commit that we didn’t expect before the change (Ridley, Marshall and Simmons come to mind). We missed on some signing day decisions (most notably, Derrick Brown) and ended up at #7 or #8. I’m not sure the results from the class would have ended up much differently with the previous staff.


  5. Otto

    Weren’t the rumors that McGarity wanted to fire him the year before. If so Richt more less had that talk. Georgia Southern provided the platform to do it.