“McGarity: I think sometimes you have to be defensive…”

Geez, their last interview went so well… in any event, Greg McGarity thinks he’s got his go-to media guy in Mark Bradley.

Just for the record: What made you decide to fire Richt?

I felt like we all needed to hit the reset button. There’s a great book (by Jim Collins) – “Good to Great.” What I was trying to do was to create an environment to where we could have a great football program. I felt like we had sort of maxed out. We had reached a certain plateau. Our conversation on that Sunday morning … I struggled more than he did.

I should tell you that I’ve heard a counter-narrative: That you didn’t actually make the decision on Richt, that it was done for you by boosters …

I can put that to bed right now. I did not have any influence from anyone. People weigh in all the time. I get calls pro and con, pro and con. But there was not one person here on our campus that directed me to do anything. That was my decision. I made the recommendation to the president. He supported that, and so we moved on.

I can’t wait to read if he says the same thing about the Smart hire.

By this way, is this the McGarity Mantra, or what?

If I had to do it over again, I probably would handle it a different way.

In any event, this is the money quote (see what I did there?):

If you’re not where you want to be as an athletic department, why not?

I would love to go season to season: Football, (then) people excited about basketball and gymnastics, then baseball. (That’s) from a revenue standpoint. We go from fall to the winter to the spring. We’re competing at a high level. That has not happened yet. I want to see that happen. Especially our revenue sports, I want to see them become successful. Because we only have a few opportunities to generate revenue. All our other sports are complimentary admission. So I want to see us maximize that opportunity, and the way you maximize it is to be successful.

Athletic success in the service of making sure the reserve fund prospers.  Now there’s the Georgia Way we know and love.  Screw competition for competition’s sake.

… Altogether the top 20 is something we should be proud of. Are we totally overjoyed? No, I think there’s so much room to improve. And we know if a few other teams might have advanced a little further, the top 10 could (have been) achieved this year if a few things had gone our way.

Sounds like a man with a plan.



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38 responses to ““McGarity: I think sometimes you have to be defensive…”

  1. Go Dawgs!

    You know what I love about football season? There’s almost never a reason for this idiot to get in front of a microphone.


  2. BigDawg32

    Sounds like a moron


  3. Athens Dog

    I feel so much better.


  4. Hillbilly Dawg

    Used car sales would be a good future for this man. No offense intended towards any used car salesmen.



    I heard him the other day talking to Buck and Kincaid…he came across alright to me…


  6. Bright Idea

    “There was not one person here on this campus that directed me to do anything…..” I believe that but what about off-campus?


    • I thought the exact same thing when I read that …


    • TXBaller

      Damn, I thought my weekly UPS next day air letters, post Alabama humiliation, demanding Richts head were what got Charlie Brown fired.


    • Cojones


      How about the Bd of Regents meeting on campus and divulging that they had given you a priority of getting rid of Richt as a condition of your employment?

      Somehow, I think you lie, but you could subpoena Tarkenton to back you up.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Yes, and what about “not one person”? Leaves open the possibility that it was multiple persons.

      Also “directed me” is vague and therefore open to interpretation.


  7. John Denver is full of shit...

    Unattractive words for a leader of, well, anything…”trying”, “feeling”, “felt”,”could”.

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  8. Yeah, but the football team went 8-5.

    “Yeah. So it’s a big melting pot” The man even mangles cliches. He meant to say “mixed bag.” Why does anyone ever let him open his mouth?


  9. Bright Idea

    And another thing. How many schools actually have the resources and status to legitimately challenge for the Director’s Cup every year? 25, 30, 40??? I’d say at least a third of the SEC would never stand a chance.


  10. I've Stopped Caring

    Just got an email sent to Hartman fund contributors. Auburn, Florida and Tennessee ticket allotments are not sold out. First time that’s ever happened.

    Our Athletic Board is obviously a ceremonial body with no say. People I know that are on it, or have been on it speak of it as a lifetime achievement award and not wanting to “rock the boat”.

    Dr. Jere Morehead is the only one that do anything about this. I fear this will only get worse. Morehead will let GMac serve out his contract and then replace him with Karla Williams.


    • 79DawgatWork

      Who is going to pay $100+ to sit on the edge of the upper deck in Auburn or Knoxville? I have vowed not to. I could not get $40 apiece for two extras in Knoxville last time I went (’13) and ate them, and had to give two Auburns away in ’15 to a distant cousin (who is an Auburn fan) and my brother’s girlfriend’s cousin. These schools that think they can gouge the visiting fans (looking at you too Tech and South Carolina) are the ones really getting hurt, although I think I read something a while ago that the Yella’ Fella’ and some others buy all the unused tickets to Auburn games to keep the money in and sales up!


    • There’s no way I would pay the face value for those tickets. It’s damn ridiculous what other schools charge for visitor seats. I do like the fact that we turn around and charge them exactly what they charge us for those tickets.


  11. 79DawgatWork

    This interview was even more incoherent than the SOD snippets you posted earlier…
    Still not sure how you decide on your way home from the ’15 Tech game that we’d “plateaued”. Sure, it was a painful slog to the end of the season after getting drilled by Alabama and without our best player – who here thinks that with Chubb, we’d have lost to Tennessee (who we almost beat without him) and Florida. Calling a 10-win season, with almost no quarterback, a new OC, and playing 7 or 8 games without your best player a “plateau” is, like most everything out of McGarity’s mouth, complete bullshit!

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  12. Macallanlover

    There is smoke everywhere and this tool is reaching for his fiddle. Clueless is the best descriptor. Jeez, bad enough he is incompetent but he still gets in front of a mike and adds to the legacy.


  13. “Because we only have a few opportunities to generate revenue. All our other sports are complimentary admission. So I want to see us maximize that opportunity, and the way you maximize it is to be successful.”

    That’s leadership–THE GEORGIA WAY!


    • Southernlawyer11

      In a perverse sort of way, I would love for some player to go sell his jersey / autograph and then answer as follows “as Mr. McGarity stated, [there are] very few opportunities to generate revenue . . . and the way I maximized that opportunity was by being successful.”

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    • The Georgia Way

      Rest assured, we are already in front of this.

      We are announcing that beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, we will be colllecting a very significant admission fee for all sporting events, at home, on the road, at neutral sites, and at all of our practice facilities.

      Our objective is to make all 21 Georgia Way sports teams revenue-generating, which will in turn will provide more opportunities to be in the hunt!

      You have The First Word on this and it is yet another Bulldog Point of Pride!



  14. “Our stated goal is to have 21 of our 21 sports compete in championships, and five did not this year.” Ya’ll decipher that shit for me please. He is definitely on defense and has spent much time wordsmithing to put on the best possible spin.


  15. Chico Dawg

    I think what he was insinuating is what many of us have preached on this site for years!
    The purpose of the Athletics Department at the University of Georgia is to raise butt loads of cash for the institution. CMR became an obstacle and not an enabler. I would have so much more respect for him if he would just say, “We have to win at football so we can raise more money and I can keep my job”. Own it, Greg. We all know it’s true. Stop this pathetic PR campaign! You suck at it.


  16. HMMMMMMMMM-Revenue. How bout winning some championships?


  17. I must have missed 16 UGA teams “competing in championships”


    • 79Dawg

      Knowing McGarity, I’m sure he’ll say the men’s basketball team was “competing for a championship” since they “made it” to the conference tournament – lol!


      • The Georgia Way

        Mr. McGarity and Mr. Stricklin prove every day that they are worth every penny we are paying them.



  18. I get to say this seemingly every week:

    Every time I think Mc G has said the stupidest thing, he surprises me yet again.

    The bar really can go that low apparently, and still sliding.


  19. Just found out the steg is being heavily renovated. Cleaning that ceiling is going to be heck.