The Process and the secondary

In this post about Georgia’s pass defense, William McFadden makes a point I hadn’t really considered.

Like nearly every defensive scheme, Georgia uses a mix of man and zone coverage. At Alabama, Smart often employed pattern-match coverages that relied on defensive players reading their opposing receivers and switching from zone or man coverage based on the route being run.

This is an advanced scheme, and the Bulldogs appeared to run more traditional coverages in 2016 but that could change this fall…

It’s easy to assume that since Pruitt and Smart are both products of the Saban coaching system, their approaches on defense are nearly identical.  (Indeed, part of me wonders if subconsciously Smart and Tucker went into last season assuming there would be more of a carryover from that than there turned out to be in certain areas, like red zone defense.)

If, however, Smart’s intention is to run a more complicated coverage scheme than did Pruitt, it’s not unreasonable to expect growing pains.  Will this be an area where the second-year effect has a noticeable impact?



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6 responses to “The Process and the secondary

  1. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Everyone but Maurice is back. Experience is good. If there is a good time to get more complicated, it is now, with experienced upperclassmen and talented freshman to groom. There won’t be a better time.

    Change is always fraught with angst from uncertainty. Not changing gives you certainty, but the results may leave you wishing for some uncertainty.


  2. Trbodawg

    Indecision may or may not be my problem


  3. 69Dawg

    It seems to me the difference between Pruitt and Kirby was that JP took what he had and made a scheme to get as much out of them as he could. Kirby and Tucker just brought Alabama with them but discovered that we didn’t have 5 star DBs 3 deep. The test of a defense is in the Red Zone, we flunked the test last year. I’ll reserve judgement this year.


  4. Jack Klompus

    I wonder if we could hire the guy you mention in the posting above…hmmmm.