Life comes at you fast.

Sure, we were all a little outraged at the news that Hawaii offered a fifth-grader.  Now I see that Illinois has pitched a scholly at a 10-year old “youth football star”.  Damn, when’s this craziness going to stop?

Oh, wait.

At this rate, I figure we’re no more than two years away from Nick Saban hiring support staff to do genetic testing on fetuses still in the womb.



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5 responses to “Life comes at you fast.

  1. truck

    Who ever thought the human genetic engineering industry would be centered around lower Alabama? “Alright folks, do ya want yer boy ta be a skill position or a lineman?”


  2. paul

    So you’re saying you know for a fact he hasn’t already done so?


  3. dawgman3000

    Offering 9 annd 10 year olds and wishy washy attention craving teenagers who don’t know the definition of the word commitment, is why I tune out recruiting until signing day.


  4. Russ

    Just make the offer binding and it will stop.