This is fun to watch.

That is all.



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22 responses to “This is fun to watch.

  1. Hillbilly Dawg

    Many smiles. Many memories.


  2. Zeus decides in 4 days…


  3. HamDawg11

    Holy crap! Man, Sep 2 can’t get here soon enough!


  4. cali_dawg

    Well that got my blood pumping.

    Please please please let us have at least a compeaetnet line so we don’t squander once in a generation talent like Chubb/Michel (again).


  5. simpl_matter

    Goose-bumps at 10AM, going to be hard to get back to work today. 64 days or something, right??


  6. ugafidelis

    Beautiful. Got chill bumps watching that.


  7. Russ

    I need a shower and a cigarette.

    Pissed off Herschel (first clip) is probably my favorite.


  8. Rampdawg

    That Edwards run against the turds in 97, was from a great block by Hines at the corner. Against the “Freak” I believe. A thing of beauty.


  9. Got Cowdog

    Carnie Norris, TG3 just banging into folks, Knowshon. And of course, a pissed off Herschel. Something is afoot with this team, something strange and wonderful. I need to go to a quiet place and channel my inner Larry. This is not good. Hope is not a good thing.


  10. Down island way

    Now THAT’S whut i’m talkin’ about………GO DAWGS!


  11. doofusdawg

    The four horsemen were fun to watch. Tim Worley’s 90 yarder against Florida is one of my top five all time favorite runs. Keep that North Carolina train a chuggin!


  12. Nice. Would have like to have seen Sony truck the sc guy at the goal line.


  13. Tatum

    There was s nothing more beautiful than a team lining up in an I formation and running the ball successfully.


  14. Mark

    I’m buzzed good after celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Bandit And Snowman’s run but I was 13 at Vandy 1980. The dominance of that play is like Secretariat at Belmont in 73. Then I was there for the WLOCP in ’97. Damn if Hines didn’t take 9 Gators in that play. Good memories, good times, Go Dawgs!