Head games

Here’s a dilemma that only college football could love.

Oregon football players used three helmets last season — green, black and white — that were mixed and matched with myriad uniform combinations.

The Ducks were pioneers in football fashion and other schools have followed, using helmets to make a statement. Now, the NCAA wants to determine whether style is coming at the expense of safety.

The governing body’s football oversight committee will meet this week in Indianapolis and is to begin studying whether multiple helmets could lead to more concussions and serious head and neck injuries…

“Style and who looks cool and who’s matching with all these different uniforms combinations each week on the helmets and the shoes, that is big-time concern when you talk about recruiting, marketing and buzz and aesthetics on game day and other times,” Anderson said. “But at the end of the day, if we’re not protecting these players at the highest degree then we’re faltering.”

Stylin’ for recruiting versus safety.  Tough call, NCAA.


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8 responses to “Head games

  1. Mayor

    If the 3 different helmets are all identical (size, etc.) except for color WTF?


    • 81Dog

      I agree, That’s a head scratcher. Is one or more of them made of cardboard? “Let’s use the paper ones this week, they’re easier to paint and cheaper to replace.”

      Maybe they subbed out the manufacture of one or two colors to inferior offshore knockoff firms.

      Otherwise, I am with the Mayor. WTF?


    • DawgPhan

      Arent they likely just repainting the same helmet? Like dont our players have a practice helmet and a game helmet and the game ones get touched up each week so they dont look all banged up?


  2. 92 grad

    Typical authoritarian presumption where some committee decided “they must be buying cheap junky helmets where 3 stylish ones cost the same as 1 good one”.


  3. Does the NCAA understand Oregon likely pays nothing for those helmets from alum Phil Knight? Nike is paying Oregon to wear them.


  4. DawgPhan

    Someone is mad that they are wearing non-traditional uniforms and wants them to stop.


  5. hassan

    NFL has had a rule in place where players can only wear 1 helmet per season. There were some studies that showed players that swapped helmet shells were more susceptible to head injuries than were those with a broken in helmet. Now, the counter argument is that the newer helmet technologies make the newer helmets safer and don’t require a breaking in period. Nevertheless, when you see teams with throwbacks on, chances are they can simply switch decals to make it work. Teams like Tampa Bay haven’t been able to do so because the primary helmet colors are different.
    In this case, college is behind the NFL. However, the NFL may change their rule by the time college changes theirs.


  6. /firefly speachless gif