“I’d rather a kid have a scholarship than going to join a gang or sell drugs.”

I’ll say it again:  if you want the NCAA to put a stop to these ridiculous scholarship offers to elementary school kids, there’s no more effective way to do so than to make offers binding on a school immediately upon acceptance, whenever given.  Put an actual cost on meaningless gestures, and that stuff will dry up faster than you can say “number one class”.



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9 responses to ““I’d rather a kid have a scholarship than going to join a gang or sell drugs.”

  1. Bigshot

    Will it be binding on the player if they accept it?


    • Gaskilldawg

      Yes. the player could not sign with any other team.

      If the kid quits playing the sport it would be just as now. Isiah Wilson may elect to quit football and in that case UGA may elect to not pay for his schooling.


  2. merk

    Dont know if coaches will stop though. Really, how many coaches will still be at their job in 5+ years. In that case, what do they care if they made an agreement that they never have to actually deal with.


  3. martham1016

    Coaches are selling because the families must be buying. Personally I would laugh in their faces and tell them to leave my kid alone, but it’s not my kid. You can’t save people from themselves.


  4. Macallanlover

    True, that would be the best way to stop it Senator. Surprised there hasn’t been a line drawn to “protect the children”, there is no shortage of those efforts.


  5. gastr1

    You couldn’t ever do this, though, unless it was binding on the players too, or schools would be limited to offer scholarships they have available and would end up with empty roster spots. In fact, I think Mark Richt’s approach was close to this and that’s how he ended up with so few players on occasion.

    I think it’s more realistic to have a much smaller time window, as has been mentioned here, and require scholarships to only be offered at the start of the senior year.


  6. steve

    Eventually the NCAA will be forced to address offers to under-age ‘prospects’ in foreign countries. Fewer and fewer American kids will play this sport and wealthy schools will just adopt the NBA model and recruit athletic skill all over the world. How many kids are running a 4.3 (40) to dodge that lion or catch tonight’s dinner? Probably quite a few. And how may want to eat fries rather than cassava? Lots. ‘Coming to America’ Part 2. Directed by Mark Emmert, Written by Hugh Freeze, Comedy Director Gus Malzhan, Produced by Spurrier, Oliver and Hardy. Transportation by Bobby Petrino, press relations by Houston Nutt, Awards assignment for ‘Champions of second chances’ Butch Jones and Huntley Johnson, and bus driver Paul ‘jiggle my tissue’ Johnson. Playing in stadiums 2020.


  7. David K

    I’d love a coach to troll the entire system and send out an offer to every Kindergartner in America regardless of whether they’ve every heard of football before.