Name that caption, I need some wheels edition

Behold former Clemson Tiger (now Atlanta Falcon) Vic Beasley’s remade Camaro:


Ow, my retinas!  An orange and purple color scheme doesn’t look any better on four wheels than it does on a football jersey.

On the bright side (see what I did there?), he’ll never have trouble finding his car in a crowded mall parking lot.

Have at it.



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23 responses to “Name that caption, I need some wheels edition

  1. KingMackeral

    Even with the challenges faced today, we do live in the greatest country on earth….


  2. Russ

    Orange you glad that he’s a Falcon?


  3. Dawg19

    This is the prize you get when you lose the Super Bowl.

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  4. Clemson gonna be Clemson!


  5. georgiajeepn

    Pumpkin Parade Grand Marshall…

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  6. Dawgholio

    Should have went with purple wheels


  7. sniffer

    At least its not a 911 4S Carrera….


  8. lakedawg

    Pumpkin pimpmobile.


  9. Cojones

    “Rest Stop” for us septa/octogenarians in walkers. It’s a long way to the mall door (if good movies are showing and attracting big crowds) and an open convertible with this color pattern is just asking for us to comfort-pause whenever making that mall door becomes questionable.


  10. MGW

    Man paints car but car still a Camaro.


  11. Bulldog Joe

    “Got these baaad reclining seats just for ewe.”


  12. Will Trane

    Very good job on the restoration. Not my colors, but it looks good. Like the rims. But would like to know what they might have changed under the hood.
    Looking at the pic reminds me of McGarity. Bet he tools around campus on a freaking scooter…such is the geek culture in Athens now.
    CWS is outstanding this year. Have to say Gators and Tigers have put on a show. Too damn bad we can not get programs like that in Athens.
    Probably never will because UGA is such a pussy school now!!


  13. steve

    Capon dreaming he’s a rooster.


  14. steve

    Somebody either needs:
    1. a hug
    2. attention
    3. a color vision test
    4. a string of battery-powered Christmas lights


  15. Mayor

    Not any worse than light blue and orange. I’m looking right at you Gators.


  16. Spike

    There is no accounting for taste,


  17. AusDawg85

    Awww…look. Hot Wheels now come with a little tiny tiger inside.

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  18. JCDAWG83

    Further proof that money doesn’t buy taste or class.


  19. That’s damn ugly I don’t care who you are.