For the good of the program

Sure, on one level, this comes off as nothing more than routine kibitzing by a former head coach…

“In this league you still have to run the football and make short yardage and make goal-line plays,” Fulmer told SEC Country. “You look at last year, and a couple of those plays and maybe there’s another win or two.”

… but, coming from a guy who just took on a paid gig as a special advisor to the school president on athletics, maybe it should be taken as a little more pointed than mere routine.  Especially when you consider that Booch sits on a warm seat and Fulmer has proven himself to be a man who’s not exactly shy about stepping up in the face of a coaching crisis.

I’d tell Booch to watch his back, but right now I’m too preoccupied with finding that bag of popcorn I put down somewhere.


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7 responses to “For the good of the program

  1. Booch and Phat Phil … a match made in heaven (or at least the local Krispy Kreme)



    I wonder sometimes if Vol boosters wished they still had Phil as head coach,


    • Macallanlover

      There is a sizable, hardcore group who definitely wish he had continued on as HC, and feel it was a huge mistake to force him out. They come out every time they fall short of a goal, or lose virtually game. Vol boards are pretty funny to read during the season.


  3. Normaltown Mike

    popcorn tastes best when urnge.


  4. Greg

    LOL!…..he did it to Johnny Majors, so why not….it worked before.


  5. Rocketdawg

    Since we are talking about “hot takes” in the other thread today here is my “hot take” on this situation:
    Booch is fired mid season after losing to UF, UGA, and Alabama. Phat Phil swoops in as “interim coach” and leads the Vowels to their normal undefeated November against powerhouses of Vandy, UK, and whatever directional school they play plus a win in a mediocre bowl game to finish 7-5. He is named head coach for a second time. However without Cutcliffe and Chavis (along with a very active bag man for the Atlanta metro area) the emperor is exposed for having no clothes. He is fired after back to back 4-8 seasons and they hire Lane Kiffen to clean up the mess. And the circle of life is complete.


  6. Down island way

    Welcome to the dark side…….