Out and about again

I am heading out of town this morning and won’t be back until Sunday afternoon, so you can expect posting will be as sporadic as it usually is under those circumstances.

Keep it cool in the meantime, folks.


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16 responses to “Out and about again

  1. Gaskilldawg

    Have fun and be safe!


  2. Macallanlover

    Seems like a, potentially, quiet/safe time to take a break before the SEC media days that begin Monday the 9th. The Opening may have some news but that would mostly be “recruiting games” updates and that isn’t the usual discussion material here. Now if one of the much abused scholarship athletes suffer any new atrocities such as having to get their own ice cream from the dessert bar, we will all be tardy in joining the pity party, and all snuggling together to get through the horror of it all. 🙂

    Have fun, we will ignore the trolls that are sure to take advantage of the cat’s absence.



    Safe travels


  4. Red Cup

    Tell Judy and Bridget hello 😜


  5. Rugbydawg79

    I can just imagine that being said in the classic Virginia accent, out and about indeed.


  6. Normaltown Mike

    We’ll make sure to only discuss light topics while you’re gone.

    Such as the NC transgender bathroom bill, NCAA scholar athlete compensation and intricacies of a zone blocking scheme vs. a man blocking scheme.

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  7. Dawgflan

    I don’t know if we deserve the promotion from scamps to folks…

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  8. Faulkner

    Happy and safe 4th to one and all.


  9. hassan

    Light fuse and get away


  10. JG Shellnutt

    Yeah….I always kind of like it, being called scamps. It’s like a compliment of sorts. And we didn’t get called scamps this time. Maybe next time.