United we stand, divided we play Texas A&M.

Coming from the school that’s set its own course with the Longhorn Network and reportedly tested the waters of leaving the Big 12 before, this seems a trifle cheeky.

Then again, I suppose it never hurts to ask.


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4 responses to “United we stand, divided we play Texas A&M.

  1. Macallanlover

    There are other contenders but the University of Texas seems to be the runaway winner in any contest for most arrogant/pompous. I get that they are one of the blue bloods in college athletics but it amazes me how many schools allow them to stomp all over them. If I would were in the conference with them I would support voting them out. If they want to act like an independent, cut them loose and see how they like it. Sadly, in this era, other conferences would pee themselves in their hurry to take them in and let themselves get abused. I like A&M being in the SEC, just don’t like that we cannot play them sooner than is scheduled.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    I bet A&M receives nine new offers this week.

    Best endorsement they could ever get.


  3. DC Weez

    I’m sure TAMU fans hate that Iowa State and Kansas won’t play TAMU.


  4. Stoopnagle

    My god, Texas. The whole state has gone bat shit crazy.