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Life comes at you fast, Fox.

Damn, it seems like I just posted this and two things drop out of the blue today.

I doubt they’re related, but I wish they were.  What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on at Fox?



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Turnover margin

Coaching stability is a myth.

Illustrating the amount of turnover in the profession, 107 of the 129 FBS head coaches have been hired since 2011, and 63 have been hired in the past three years. That means nearly half of all head coaches have been hired since 2015. [Emphasis added.]

Whatever happened to patience being a virtue?


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Musical palate cleanser, who are these guys? edition

Some rock critic once called The Long Ryders’ “Looking for Lewis and Clark” the best rock song of the 1980s.  Hyperbole, maybe, but I will say it’s one of the greatest songs an obscure band ever laid down.

Man, that cooks.  These guys deserved a bigger audience than they ever got.


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