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Guess who’s coming to Hoover?

I would have been beyond stunned if Nick and Sony weren’t going.  Nice to see Roquan get the nod, too.


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Texas, you still need to work on the rebranding.

The spirit of Steve Patterson lives on.

That’s one catchy slogan you got there, Corona.  And an even better game day promotion!

A “fun photo opportunity” with a chair?  Damn, that’ll keep fans from staying home to watch on TV.

Texas can still make a deal with a domestic brewer, too.  Maybe UT can have one of the Budweiser Clydesdales square off with Bevo.



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G-Day QBR ain’t nothing but a state of mind.

Four growing impressions after watching this year’s G-Day game for the third time:

  1. For a quarterback just a few months removed from high school, Jake Fromm is impressive.
  2. The black team secondary made Fromm look considerably better than he is at this point, though.
  3. The biggest immediate fix to be made to Jacob Eason’s game is letting him play behind a consistent and competent offensive line.
  4. Overall, the quarterback position isn’t as big a problem for Georgia as we tend to think it is.


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There are two ways to look at this box.


One, since 2005, Georgia’s track record of living up to preseason expectations has been abysmal.  Two, the media seems to have had a hard time realizing that Georgia’s track record of living up to preseason expectations has been abysmal.

Still, things could be worse.  Just look at Tennessee.


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“Essentially, it seems Chase was bumped for a bigger name.”

If this ain’t a perfect example of what the recruiting process, circa 2017, has come to, I don’t know what is:  four-star recruit elects to postpone the announcement of his college commitment after his scheduled appearance on the NFL Network is cancelled due to a higher-rated recruit taking the spot to make his surprise announcement to commit instead.


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His bags are packed; he’s ready to go.

If you ponder the reality of college football, it’s not really much of surprise that less than two percent of the 1,170 full-time assistants in FBS have been at their current school since 2005.

What’s impressive, though, is how much Dan Mullen has done to contribute to those departure numbers.

Grantham is the sixth defensive coordinator in Mullen’s nine seasons at MSU, following Carl Torbush, Manny Diaz, Geoff Collins, Chris Wilson and Sirmon. Diaz guided the defense in 2010 and again in 2015, leaving the first time for Texas and the second time for Miami.

Given Mullen’s track record and Grantham’s proclivity for seeking greener pastures, what’s the over/under on the number of years Todd stays at Mississippi State?


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“His size, obviously, that’s the first thing.”

It’s not hard to guess what Archie Manning is most impressed with by Jacob Eason.


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