There are two ways to look at this box.


One, since 2005, Georgia’s track record of living up to preseason expectations has been abysmal.  Two, the media seems to have had a hard time realizing that Georgia’s track record of living up to preseason expectations has been abysmal.

Still, things could be worse.  Just look at Tennessee.



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  1. Dawg19

    This is not surprising. Over the last few years, nothing has scared me more than when we start getting love nationally, especially from ESPN (see: 2015 vs Bama) . I may be wrong but it has always seemed like our best performances have come when we were an underdog.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Reminds me of how poorly we were supposed to do in the Outback Bowl against Wisconsin’s Great Dane and mammoth offense of line.


  2. Macallanlover

    So, is this a UGA problem, or a point that pre-season polls are based more on last year’s results (of teams that do not exist any longer) and some biased view of how the new, yet to be tested team will perform against other yet to be tested teams. What was right? The team someone “projected”, or the team that actually achieved that record?

    Two points, 1) UGA has a chance to improve against this measurement as most pre-season polls look pretty soft/low to me and 2), being on the higher side of the post season column is more significant than anything the preseason poll meant. UGA is one of four teams over 100 points in final season rankings, and each of the other three ahead of us have been at an all time high in achievement levels for football. This year may be the beginning of another hot streak period for UGA line like the beginning of the 80s and aught decades.



    There is a reason CMR was let go…if Kirby doesn’t improve this, he will be gone too…


    • dawgtired

      I would sure hate for my job to depend on the media’s opinion of what my results should be…and as the media’s opinion goes, so goes the fan’s…

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    • 79DawgatWork

      Yes, we were picked on an aggregate, consensus basis, to finish an average of third in the league, and we finished fourth (as Mac noted above). Clearly Richt deserved to get canned for that.
      You better hope Kirby doesn’t “improve this”, by having the media pick us to be so shitty there are no pre-season expectations, and then we finish second in the East – our “stats” in this category will be through the roof, but we will have jack to show for it! I am sure you and your pals will be patting each other on the back about that then…
      Who on earth would trade spots with Missouri over the past decade: 2 blowout annihilations in the SEC Championship Game and otherwise pretty shitty but hey, they did “better than the experts thought at the beginning of the season!” Or Kentucky, Vandy, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Arkansas – nothing wagered, nothing lost!
      This is just further proof that there are lies, damn lies and statistics – maybe we should add a fourth category, for “meaningless funs with math to support my hot taek”?


  4. steve

    There is really only one stat that counts, right? Did we beat the shit out of Auburn? Humiliate them so bad that their daily commute is a full, closed vice-grip nut grab with soaked Tabasco and a Panini maker. That each and every smug War Pecker will have to think about the ass-crushing pressure washing they received the entire year. And drift back into the fantasy of a thief who spent less than a year on campus and won a Heisman….while the deluded fans think he represents them………


    • PTC DAWG

      So I take it you’re not a Cam fan? 🙂


      • Macallanlover

        LOL, many here appreciate Cam as a player but have trouble swallowing the path he took, but how the Aubie fans sold their integrity is the worst. So yes, owning Auburn is a very tasty change for most.

        But the point of being judged on what you actually accomplished on the field versus living up to others’ subjective expectations is valid to me. Don’t get me wrong, I want to shoot for the SEC title every single year, but I don’t think we fail every time we don’t make it. Right now, just want to see progress to win the East and, at least, compete with the West winner at a minimum. Some years that would be a lofty expectation, not this year.


        • Got Cowdog

          Be the team nobody wants to see coming. Beat Florida, Tennesee, Tech. No face plants. Play everybody tough every game. Play like you have something to prove, a chip on your shoulder…………

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          • That’s exactly what we were with a few exceptions from 2002-2007 – the team no one wanted to play in a big game. As a rule, we came to the stadium playing on the edge. Sometimes we got beat, but most of the time we won a lot and were never out of a game.


    • You could turn up the hostility a bit to satisfy my tastes, but I have to say: “I like the cut of your jib.”

      I really, really hate UF, UT, Tech, and Bama under Saban, but only one program needs to be ran over, then burnt to a crisp and then micturated upon and that’s auburn. Totally unredeemable scum and that’s probably an insult to unredeemable scum.


    • 92 grad

      I think I could get along with you just about fine. Nice post.


  5. 69Dawg

    Hey we didn’t become the saddest fan base for nothing.


    • I’d like to enjoy hosting espn game day that’s for sure. Not for their presence but just because that means we’re both worthy and winning.

      Have we survived one of those? A combination of alcohol, tears and a dislike of everything that is espn game day have led me to not knowing exactly. I can think of two really really bad embarrassments when game day was there, but that’s it.


  6. Biggus Rickus

    Kentucky and Vandy have it figured out. If there are no expectations, you can never fall short of them.

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  7. Who cares about the polls anymore? The bottom line is that Georgia has underperformed expectations as a rule since 2007. Some of those years were self-inflicted, some were out of our control, and some were that we just weren’t as good as everyone thought we would be. I didn’t need a comparison of the preseason polls to the postseason polls to know that. I saw it on the field. I saw Georgia fall flat on its face between the hedges the last 2x vs. Alabama. I saw a team that was hell on wheels get crippled in Knoxville in 2013. I saw us eviscerate ourselves by suspending our Heisman frontrunner for something every college star seems to do. I saw us fall behind Ole Miss 45-0 last year in a game where we looked like we didn’t want to be there and didn’t belong. Kirby either fixes it and is admired by a broad cross-section of the fan base, or we get a new AD and a new head coach.